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Optus Complaints & Reviews

Optus / immigration visa

Jan 18, 2014

Hi, I just want to share about my bitter experience about this oics and from this i make sure no one will be a victim of this company.. i lost my hard earned money i lost my future i lost my confident due to mishandling of my case the guy called sachin and james have cheated me by saying false promises for arranging work permit to canada i have lost almost AED 15k, its been 5 yrs ago there is no any kind of response suddenly everything come to an end after i paid my hard earned money... i have send somany mails i have called them more than thousand times...still i have not got the justice i...

Optus - Victoria / always win and enter

Jun 29, 2011

Hey just a quick complaint about optus and its new promo Always win and enter . I just recharged and got sent my promotional code then got delayed to use it by 7 hrs then got told it had been used i spend alot on recharging and apparently im in the gold draw but how ever i win nothing but silver prizes which are txt credit inwhich i cant even use The best i won was free gig in which went so quick im left asking myself how these billion dollar companys can treat there customers like peasents it seems they do not care . I hope some day they wake up to them selves and stop ripping honest hard working people off Thanks for nothing yours sincerly Ak

Optus - Queensland / optus is not recommended


this is an on site email i tried to send to optus using THEIR forms. it would not send because their supplied phone number was not valid??? your web site is usless! (i dar say intentional) your wireless system is worse it is always droping out when changing from wcdma to hsdpa with full signal! This is not good when you are downloading 30 emails and it redownloads because it dropped out! But worse yet is your customer service. contacting you by phone is pointless because the kiddies or packys answering dont understand english. contact forms on the site dont work! If you are really...

Optus - Western Australia, Perth Metro Area / Customer Service


Optus Morley WA – Oh “No” I went to Morley Optus last weekend, Long term customer, money to spend, On two new mobile phones - post paid, Close to two thousand dollars, this upgrade. “I need your number, ” the assistant said, Into the computer this was fed. Picked up his phone and made a call, Then announces the following, no proof at all… “Sixty nine dollars, 30 days overdue, Billing’s advised, and it has to be true, To get your new phones you must pay straight away, A receipt they require, EFTPOS or credit’s okay.” We...

Optus - Western Australia / Optus Store - Galleria Shopping Centre Morley


I have been an OPTUS customer for over 10 years. On Saturday I went into the OPTUS Store at the GALLERIA SHOPPING CENTRE in Morley and took out two new 24 month contracts. Yesterday, I went back to the store and was treated with such contempt by the MANAGER that I will never take out another contract with OPTUS again. The way that this MANAGER treated me yesterday has guaranteed the GALLERIA OPTUS STORE the worst public relations nightmare that I can cause. I will post negative messages about OPTUS and the GALLERIA OPTUS STORE on every forum that I can access, and tell everyone I meet now and in the future to avoid business dealings with OPTUS like the plague. We will see who has the last word now! Natalie.