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Nuvell Financial Services Complaints & Reviews

Nuvell Financial Services / Customer Service Representives Need New Training

Feb 8, 2011

When I first started with this company I had great customer service as time past if I was a day late or had a problem I would speak to someone that was helpful. Now dealing with their customer service they don't speak english they threaten to repo your car and one rep told me to pawn, borrow or steal to make the payment. I would ask to speak to a supervisor and they would put me back on the phone with the same rude rep. So all calls are recorded by me as proof. I will never them again!

Nuvell Financial Services / Bad customer service


Gave me a two month extension on my loan then has people in manilla calling asking where my car payment is, when i explain this they give me lip service and then call right back again the next day, cant find a number to get it straightened out so i guess i have to endure these calls for two months great i actually heard the people in Manilla who are i guess representatives of nuvell laughing at me when i complained about the calls, why give me the extension and then leave me out to swing in the wind, customer service my butt...

Nuvell Financial Services / Rip off


Nuvell Financial needs to overhaul their company big time. They conned me out of 2230.00 of my own money and I already told them when to expect the next payment despite me telling their "customer care" department. Despite their inability to communicate that oversight cost me my truck when the repo man came and took it. I had to pay $2230 out of pocket because they didnt communicate. And when I explained this I still got a "we cant do anything about that" comment out of them. I do not recommend this financial institution to anyone. If anything, stay away from them unless you want to pay the...

Nuvell Financial Services / Don't use them


Record it and listen DON'T CALL MY JOB ! How many times can a company call without getting in trouble, I have contacted a LAWYER, this type of business is NOT GOOD. I tell everyone I know how bad NUVELL'S customers service is, never buy from them. They charge you to pay your bill, what the heck, pay back is usually bad, look out Nuvell Employees (carma)! Nuvell causes their customers to get in troble with phone calls then we lose our jobs the Nuvell wants to know why you can't pay them, DUMB people! PLEASE PLEASE don't use NUVELL for a car loan, worst company ever!

Nuvell Financial Services / Harrasment


I lost my job a few months ago so it put me behind on my truck payments. As I was waiting on unemployment, Nuvell Financial harassed me and threatened to repossess my vehicle. I made 1 full payment on 06/9/10. This left me 28 days past due on the other payment. Nuvell reps still call me up to 20 times a day even after speaking to me. I answer and the rep just hold the phone. I constantly say hello, but they will finally hang up on me. This is everyday and I'm tired of the harassment. When the last rep threatened to take the vehicle, I told her go ahead and pick it up then. Her name wa...

Nuvell Financial Services / Liars


A lady from GMC and Nuvell called me telling me that I needed to make a double payment, and it had to be done through money-gram and that if I did they would defer my payments till June which of course didn't happen. now they want another 2 payments. F***, doesn't anybody know someone that can take care of them? I just had to let it out. thee's not *** we can do. because nobody there cares. If you ever need a vehicle never never go to GMC or Nuvell financing they cheat every chance they get

Nuvell Financial Services / Promises and deception


I requested a deferment on September 4th and was told by Nuvell to pay a $100 dollar fee. I was not told anything one way or the other if the deferment had been approved. Now I am being told to come up with 2 payment by November 5th or they are coming to pick up my truck. They are the most deceptive company I have ever had dealings with. Nuvell changed my account number also. Instead of telling the the truth that this new account number is because they are getting ready to pick my truck up, they lied to me and said that they were rearranging their company. Lies, Lies, Lies.

Nuvell Financial Services / Scam artists


I have a tracfone that I bought from Wal-Mart, the very next day these jerks were calling. I realize they (tracfone) recycle phone numbers, but I have also told these people I am NOT who they are looking for. Do any good? NO! They call now more than ever and have the nerve to leave voicemail messages if I ignore them. They are just wasting my time. Does anyone know if I can get reimbursed for the used minutes through a lawyer? I am really at my wits end and could use the break. 12 calls in 3 days is a bit much for anyone! Out of minutes!

Nuvell Financial Services - North Carolina, Pikeville / Harrassment, Liars, Fraudulent against borrowers


My husband has been hospitalized three times in the last year for a work injury, acute pancreatitis/diabetes and he had an auto accident in February in which he became permanently paralyzed from the chest down. I called Nuvell each time to ask if they would work with us. Nothing! They call, harrass, threaten, lie. Our vehicle was totaled and the GAP insurance wouldn't cover the whole amt. because we got a two month extension after the work injury (which put him out of work for 2 months!) This is a permanent disability, and they lied to us. The insurance company paid their amt. which wa...

Nuvell Financial Services - Colorado, Greeley / Fraudulent extension


On Feb 12, 2008 I received a telephone call from Penny, a collection agent for Nuvell. I was told that I was behind in my payment and that my only option at that time was to catch up the payments(2) or complete a form for extension. After a heated disrespectul conversation with Penny. I agree to complete the extension. She explained to me that she would fax the form to me at home and that although the form states "Your next regularly secheduled payment $$$$ will be due on 03/04/08", my payment was not due until April 2008. I went on and may a payment in March 2008 just to be ahead of the game...

Nuvell Financial Services - Maryland / Deceptive phone practices


This company is up to no good and needs to be shut down! Last year they called a friend of mine. They told her they were trying to reach someone for a reference on another couple. The name of the person they said they were trying to reach happens to be my niece. My girlfriend got them off the phone and immediately called me. I had never heard of the company, nor had I heard of the person who they were trying to get a reference on. I thought it was strange, but I just shrugged it off. Today a similar thing happened. They called a friend of mine. This time the name of the person they said they...

Nuvell Financial Services / Credit fraud!


I had a car repossessed by Nuvell in 2001. Nuvell put a debt on my credit report of 3, 000.00 to try and get me to pay for a reimbursement check they received from an insurance company that paid for damages on my car after one of their insuree's hit my car. Nuvell claimed that the check was accidentally put into my account (but it never was), and has been trying to collect on it. I made complaints to Equifax, Transunion, and Experian. Equifax and Transunion took the fraudulent debt off my credit report, but Experian sold the information (i didn't know that Experian never had it), to...

Nuvell Financial Services - Texas / Constant phone calls


I have no account with the above company. They call me all hours of the day and night. My name was given as a reference for someone else, but I am getting the calls. I have reported this company through the FTC because I am on the "Do Not Call Registry", but it has not stopped the phone calls. I have told them on many occasions not to call me concerning another individuals credit worthiness. Nothing seems to work with this company to get me off their call list. Please help.

Nuvell Financial Services / Harassment, lies, threatening and more!


The company is doing the same to us as we have read on many complaint boards. We have been with them for almost 3 years now and we are 31 days late on our account due to a layoff and my son's heart condition. We got a new rep this month. The old rep was wonderful to work with if he had to call, which he did due to the hurricanes we had and a sinkhole under the home. Now the new rep and his manager are threatening to take the truck by the end of the month unless we get them the past due amount in 7 days. (total days will be at 38 days past payment due date) The manager I was transfered...

Nuvell Financial Services / Rude , disrespectful customer service!


My husband and I financed a vehicle for 60 months through Nuvell in June of 2003. We have been paying faithfully through April 2007, until my husband suffered a heat attack. He required quadruple bypass surgery on April 11. On May 4, 2007 two of the bypasses collapsed, causing a second heart attack. This required the placement of two scents on May 5, and an additional two stents on May 25,2007. He is currently disabled and unable to work until at least September of 2007. We have tried to work out and agreement with Nuvell to accept partial payments until my husband returns to work. Nuvell...

Nuvell Financial Services / Customer harassment


I purchased a vehicle through a auto dealer and they went through Nuvell Financial to finance me because I had some slow payments in the past. Within 6 months, my child got sick and had to be back and forth to the hospital, which lasted for about 5 months. During this time, my payments were late going to Nuvell, never past the 30 mark. However, with Nuvell you interest is compounded daily and at the rate of a credit card. I contacted one of their representatives and explained to them the situation. I explained that I had to take excessive time off from work and since I was not working, I...

Nuvell Financial Services / Nuvell has screwed and harassed me!


I purchased a vehicle 2 years ago (at the age of 19) from Ghent Chevrolet in Greeley, CO. Of course, I was a first time buyer, my credit was very limited. However, I still wanted to own a Chevrolet Colorado. After the t's were crossed and the i's were dotted, Nuvell financed the truck at an ungodly interest rate; I was 19, all I cared about was the monthly payment. I had an awesome job at the time, making more money than most teenagers only dreamed of... and college was something I hadn't even considered. So naturally, the payments were made on time at $400 a month. To make a...