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Nuvell Complaints & Reviews

Nuvell / Excessive overcharging


When calling about charges that they add each month on you, NOONE will give you a straight answer. I wanted to ask a question, I was told that I need your name and ss and your account number, then I was put on hold only to be rerouted to an automated system. Than I was rerouted to the Manilla Islands(OUTSOURCED) is this a cheap way of dealing with paying consumers. Employees are rude and arrogant, Yet if you tell one person you made the payment, NO ONE communicates within the system. They call you from 7:58 am to 9:01 pm Sunday - Saturday. But yet GMC was bailed out by the Government.

Nuvell - Arkansas, Little Rock / Outrageous business practices


This companies practices should be shut down and brought before legal justice. If there is any!! I bought a 2004 GMC Envoy in 2004 for approximately $28K with payments of $639 per month. I have been making payments on this vehicle for five years now, granted I have had to use some of the extensions and have been late approximately 4 to 6 times at most but still cannot believe how much I still owe on this vehicle after paying for five years. I estimate paying the $639 for the five years minus the five extensions I have paid the company approximately $34, 500 dollars and I still owe them over...

Nuvell - Georgia, Willacoochee / truck paid off-getting calls/bills


On 11/08/08, I traded my Ford truck at Suzuki in Tifton GA. The financial person called Nuvell to obtain the payoff for the trade. Confirmed that they were paying off the remainder of the loan from Nuvell. My payments were never late and were for more than the amount, EVERY month. Payments were due on the 28th each month. I am now getting harrassing phone calls and letters from Nuvell, stating that I am behind on my payments, my credit will be affected, and collections proceedings will take place. This is the only time I will respond to this insanity. My attorney can handle any further discussions.

Nuvell - Texas, San Antonio / Bad Business Dealings


I have a loan through Nuvell--I have paid well--never late once in 2 years. I recently went on Maternity leave earlier than expected and contacted the company to make arrangements. I informed them that I had planned on working 2 months longer--but had complications and had to go into the hospital much earlier than expected. I wanted to ask about getting my payment deferred. I called 3 days before my payment was due and spoke to 2 people--I was told that for the month of October--they were unable to do any further deferrment requests--but due to my excellent payment history and credit score--I...

Nuvell / harrassment and mistreatment


Nuvell has harrassed and harrassed me - I had to pay my payment at the end of the month - the 25th for the first two years of the loan - I paid the same every month it was a few days past the due date. They called me at work - called me a ### - called my family etc. It was horrible - I managed to get ahead one month on the payment - and they still manage to treat me like ###. I've paid 2 weeks early for years now - and I called and asked if I could skip a payment - I was told I had to call back on my due date - so I called back - and they said their new policy is NO! They said I had...

Nuvell - Arkansas / RUDE, Nasty, And yes they lie


They will call you "as much as we want" They are only allowed to call you once a day by law. I have spoke to a "manager" named Cuomo and another who's name I can not think of at the moment. They will use every lie on you they will cancel payments and remake them on days they want. In Florida a verbal contract is law. The will tell you if they do not change it they will come take the car. This is the worst of the worst This person I talked to will start by calling you dawg. Hello I am not your friend so wtf. They are not a good co. if you have to get a car and they are the only way call someone else or get a bike. This company is TROUBLE...

Nuvell / Bad lender!


This is for anyone considering an auto loan through Nuvell. My experience with Nuvell has been bad. Nuvell is a wholly owned subsidiary of GMAC. That’s right the company that owns the car you are trying to purchase owns the finance company that the dealer has set you up with. And isn’t that convenient for GMAC? The red flag should go up here, but the dealer tells you that your credit is just so bad that the best interest rate they could get for you is through Nuvell. News flash! The GMAC dealer gets financial advantages when they can bully someone into using a GMAC finance...

Nuvell / Unsupportive of Military


Im in the military (USAF) and I financed my 2007 cobalt through Nuvell 4 months ago, I recently received orders to be stationed in Germany and i leave in November. I have a military allotment going with the company and everything. First of all, sometimes when you send payment they dont receive it for whatever reason. Then, when you call to see what happened you are greeted by rude associates who accuses you of never sending it. So i got tired of sending multiple payments at a time and i set up the allotment. Then when i tell them i had orders to germany, they tell me to go ahead and send them...

Nuvell / Rudeness and harassment!


When I traded in two vehicles for a 2017 GMC Envoy I did so to try and lower the monthly bills that were coming out of the house each month. My credit was not at its best but I had received lower scores when I was younger and had no problems getting financed at a much better rate. The dealer informed me that Nuvell was the only company that would finance me so I signed the paperwork wondering what was the problem. A few weeks later I went to the bank that I had done business with for fifteen years asking why I had been turned down only to fin out they had not been contacted for a vehicle loan...