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NJ EZ Pass Complaints & Reviews

NJ EZ Pass - New Jersey, Newark / Unfair Credit Reporting

Feb 02, 2015

My account was placed into collections and I am banned from EVER holding an EZ pass again because I didn't use it for a few months and the account was negative $1.00!! I was given NO OPPORTUNITY to settle account. No phone call. Just an email with subject - Your NJEZPass Statement is available. That is it. Completely unfair. Damaged my credit and there are no other alternatives for me to use the system. ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!!!

NJ EZ Pass / Paid violations sent to collection agency

Aug 30, 2014

I have a valid and paid ez pass account and received a number of toll violations when I moved my tag to a new car. I submitted my tag number for the toll on each violation notice three times and just got a letter that my account has been sent to collection for 266.50. How is this allowed to happen and continue to happen with all these complaints regarding ez pass what is being done to stop the scam?

NJ EZ Pass / Violations Dispute

Jun 15, 2011

Via their website, I notified EZPass that I left my tag in the car I traded in. They sent me a replacement tag (no letter or instructions attached). I mounted it. Two weeks later they sent me another tag (don't know why - no letter or instructions). I replaced the tag I previously mounted. I have since received 12 violations from the earlier tag. Apparently it wasn't functional. I should not be responsible for the earlier tag not registering. It was their error. The violations total $208. It's a unjust hardship for me to have to pay these fines.