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Neilson Enterprises Complaints & Reviews

Neilson Enterprises / LIES! CHEATING! SCHEME

Nov 01, 2013

LOOK OUT FOR THESE JOB POSTINGS ON CRAIGSLIST CAREER BUILDER OR GOOGLE; Brand ambassador, Management opportunity, entry level opportunity with room forgrowth, we offer training, Entry level sales and marketing #1 ANYONE CAN DO THIS PLEASE DO NOT SPEND SO LONG IN COLLEGE IF THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT TO DO ITS NOT WORTH THE DEPT YOU CAN DO THIS RIGHT OUT OF GRAMMAR SCHOOL, #2 ITS ALLL A SCANDAL, merely a scheme to get struggling innocent people to get on their slave ship with out a chance of ever getting promoted to management. Even it they do, I witnessed two very intelligent people leave the...

Neilson Enterprises - New Jersey, Lyndhurst / SCAM (door to door sales job)

Mar 19, 2013

STAY AWAY! To make a long story short for those who one to get right to the point, this is a door to door sales job selling Verizon FIOS to random businesses. 100% commission job. After attending a recent career fair at Monclair State University, both a collegue and myself received phone calls to come in for an interview with this marketing company called "Neilson Enterprises" located in Lyndhurst, NJ. Like any serious job seeker, going into an interview ill-prepared was the last thing on my mind. However, after attempting to research the company, I found basically zero results. This company i...