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Nationwide Relocation Services Complaints & Reviews

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Nationwide Relocation Services / Liars

The sales rep. completely misrepresented the services of this business. I learned 2 days before the move date that another company would actually conduct the move. The worst part of my nightmare was that the moving company would arrive on 9/24 but not deliver until 10/8. When I objected and asked to cancel, I was informed that I would lose my deposit of $578 because I had not submitted a snail mail registered cancellation letter within 5 business days of the move date, which I only learned of 9/22. This company representatives were extremely unprofessional. I strongly advise moving yourself if...

Nationwide Relocation Services - Florida / Cheated by Nationwide Relocation Services

I am cheated by Nationwide relocation Services. When they get their money, their demeanor changes and you will be surprised that you are dealing with criminals. They laugh on your helplessness. They kept my deposit of $715.46 and did not give me services. They asked me more money on the last moment when I refused to pay more money. They kept my deposit. I hired Nationwide in 1st week of June for the moving date of June 25 from Atlanta, GA to Lexington, KY. The Nationwide agent Mr. Freddy, the nationwide agent confirmed that that movers will come on 25 or 26 and everything was included including...

Nationwide Relocation Services / Don't use them

Don't use them to broker your move! they promissed me that my accross country move would take less than 2 weeks. The moving company they work with 1 Moving Depot picked up my items on June 15th, the deadline for delivery was June 22 to July 2. It is now July 8th all my household/personal items have not arrived and they are now telling me 2 weeks out and that is not guaranteed. 1 Moving Depot was rude to me on the phone said that if I wanted to pay more money maybe they could deliver sooner, that Nationwide Wide underbid the job. Do not use Nationwide or 1 Moving Depot.

Nationwide Relocation Services - Florida / Fraudulent Quote & Move

Here is my story and of course I was trying to save money and got scammed. Letter to Julian which never got a rely so getting an attorney. You "sold" me on the phone saying "anything I needed you'd be there by the phone even on your day off", yet when I call and email in distress there is no reply. The move you quoted me was for 4249 pounds. I paid via my credit card on 2/1/2010 a deposit of $813, 76 to your company. On the move day I had more boxes than anticipated, but did not ship bedroom #2 on the quote which should have equaled the same amount of space. The truck arrived on 3/1/10 and wa...

Nationwide Relocation Services / Missed quoted, no contact on pickup day, still waiting

We were grosely miss quoted, we were told van line would call day before with a time for pickup, no call, utilities shut off, lease is up, new jobs to start out of state in 3 days. Both individuals we spoke with lied about everything, going to contact a consumer lawyer. This is the worst company we ever dealt with. Here it is the day of the move and no call no moving van, we have things outside in the weather waiting for the truck (in michigan where it's beginning to rain, run away from this piss poor company.

Nationwide Relocation Services - Florida, Fort Lauderdale / Scam

I repeat, do not, DO Not do business with either company unless you are a masochist. Here's my story - Cross Country Van Lines, a New Jersey based company contracted by the just-as-disreputable Nationwide Relocation Services in Fort Lauderdale, FL, was due to arrive at noon in order to pack my boxes before the freight elevator became available at two p.m. They had exactly three hours to empty the apartment before we had to relinquish control of the garage to the next truck in line. There was no way around it. I stressed to both the broker and the mover that it was imperative the truck...

Nationwide Relocation Services - California, San Diego / False Advertising, Fraud

SCAM!! This company offers low bids, then does a "bait and switch" with ridiculous fees that they say are in the fine print of the contract. The employees bully, lie and yell on the phone. Richard Hirsch promised to keep the the price he quoted - as soon as they got the $888 deposit, we were told there would be a $650 shuttle fee - then our friend Richard became belligerent, yelling that the information was in the contract. Hoping to get better treatment, we pursued supervisor after supervisor - only two, as they said there were no other people we could talk to. We cancelled our contract...

Nationwide Relocation Services / Idle Bashing

My complaint is regarding the idle bashing that I am seeing about an upstanding and legitimate company such as Nationwide Relocation Services. Surely some of the complaints against this company might very well be warranted, however, I do believe a lot of people are just "jumping on the band wagon" so to speak. I myself have used Nationwide and I must say that the service was stupendous. The customer service I received was extremely helpful and outstanding. Some of the complaints I've read about Nationwide thus far I find to be unfathomable! I do believe that more people should come forth...

Nationwide Relocation Services - Florida, Fort Lauderdale / Moving scam

This is to warn people about a very bad moving operation doing business as Nationwide Relocation Services. They also use a partner service called Best Price Movers. These people appear to be running a scam in which they quote a low-ball "binding" estimate, then jack it up later. They are also extremely unreliable about times and dates of pick-up and delivery. My suggestion is that you caution potential customers about these companies. If penalties or prosecution are appropriate, I would be happy to testify in their support. Details are below. -- Doug Wilhide 612-926-3939 wilhide AT...

Nationwide Relocation Services - Florida, Fort Lauderdale / Horrendous experience!

Rick Daly provided an unconfirmed estimate to move 5000lbs from Flagstaff to AZ. He confirmed the additional price for insurance and that Nationwide only works with the top five moving companies including Shamrock etc. After an incredible amount of miscommunication I was told that Sirena moving an outfit of a wife, husband and cousin would be handling my move. The movers arrive and talks about how drunk he was the night before - how he told his wife that she should call us and say that the truck broke down because they are hung over. He wants to know what we drink - he says we should go get...

Nationwide Relocation Services / Scam your deposit and then not show up!

This company is a broker who will take your money and then is not responsible when no one shows up. We worked with Janice and Scott on a move from TN to NV. We were promised that everything would happen on two specific days as we had to move for job reasons. Well, movers never showed up. Then got a call that the mover's truck was broken and getting a second company. They showed up 3 days late. They were greasy, no packing materials and dirty clothes and truck. I should have just cancelled everything right then. It went downhill from there. Now we don't know where our things are and Nationwide won't return phone calls.

Nationwide Relocation Services / False advertising, pathetic customer service!

1) False advertising. The “competing bids” I received turned out to be between Omar and Ryan who both work for the same company. 2) Nice salesman who stopped communication once he got his fee. He underestimated the weight of my move by 1/3. He lied to me saying that he had control over the move dates - turned out he was 7 days wrong. 3) The move they brokered, through Alliance Movers, has cost me thousands in theft, lost items and completely destroyed furniture. This continues to be unresolved. 4) Pathetic customer service. I was offered $125 to hold them not liable for anything, and to not complain. If you use this services, get used to hearing “It’s not our fault”.
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