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Mr. Coffee Complaints & Reviews

Mr. Coffee / Poor product

Jun 30, 2014

We purchased a Mr. Coffee Brewing coffee pot only had it for a month when it stopped brewing. We would put water and coffee grounds it would make noise like it was brewing but nothing since we did not have a receipt we were unable to be refunded. We went and bought another Mr. Coffee Brewing this time we figured if we bought the next model for an extra $20 the machine might last. Well we still have it but it takes 25 minutes to brew a pot of coffee and on occasion will not brew or not brew the entire pot ! We are surprised how much the Mr. Coffee brand has went down in quality. I try to let...

Mr. Coffee - Connecticut, Bristol / JW series 8 cup stainless coffee maker

May 9, 2011

We purchased a JW series 8 cup stainless coffee maker from Wall Mart about 8 months ago. The design has major flaws that cause the coffee to overflow and spill out. This is due to the cover on the stainless decanter. It has a small hole that the coffee flows through. The cover pushes a small plunger up on the filter basket allowing coffee to enter the small hole of the decanter. If for any reason the plunger is not all the way up, such as the filter basket not placed properly, the coffee will overflow while brewing. When the coffee overflows it has no fail safe switch to stop it. The coffee...

Mr. Coffee - Washington / BVMC-PSTX91 Coffee Maker (multiple problems)


Carafe leaks at interface between metal and plastic handle (started happening almost immediately) Water leaks internally so that it leaks out the bottom (started happening after abouty 3 months) Clean Cycle light permanently on (started happening after 4 months) While the coffee maker is wonderfully fast, and the carafe does a great job at keeping the coffee warm, the problems listed above are unacceptable. Just another example of a company cutting corners and not spending enough money on quality assurance. As long as we keep buying it, they'll keep doing what they're doing.

Mr. Coffee - Mississippi / JWX27


My husband bought me this Mr. Coffee for Christmas last year and until this morning has worked fine. Today we turned it on and nothing. This is the third coffee pot in 4 years. When we first got married our Mr. Coffee lasted over 10 years, now they barely last 2 years. It's time the Sunbeam Company can't get it right any more.

Mr. Coffee - Missouri, Lake Saint Louis / 4-cup coffee maker broke after 7 months


I purchased a Mr. Coffee 4-cup coffe maker in August 2009; in March 2010, I poured water into the reservoir and it passed right through and ended up all over my counter! Of course, I no longer have the purchase receipt, so what can I do? The model number is CGX7, but I cannot see any other identifying numbers on the bottom of the unit. What can I do about this, other than boycotting Mr. Coffee products in future?

Mr. Coffee - Florida / Does not brew


Yes, I have a new Mr. Coffee and after two days old, it just stopped brewing (it is a 6 cup coffee maker, ) I am very upset and the store will not allow return as it has been used. This is not very good customer service and I would like a refund of my $ . I need to purchase another coffee maker and should not have to go thru this inconvenience when the product is obviously faulty. I purchased at the WalMart just up the street from my home. I would appreciate a response and also a refund to my Credit card. My email address is [email protected] Thank you very much. Debra Burke Cell phone # 407-415-8060 672 Jamestown Blvd Apt. 1319 Altamonte Springs, Florida 32714

Mr. Coffee - New York, Auburn / Pause & serve button broke off


We received a Mr. Coffee for a Xmas gift and today when I went to pur a cup of coffee the pause and serve button or spring fell off. one of the tabs on the side is broken. Is there a replacement part they could send us.?

Mr. Coffee - California / Steam ruined my kitchen cupboards


Terrible product!!! I purchased a Mr. Coffee coffeemaker about 6 months ago. The caraf cracked so I replaced it and it cracked once more. The coffeemaker took the finish of the cupboard. This is the worse product I have ever used. The model number is CG12. Needless to say I will never use Mr. Coffee products again.

Mr. Coffee - New Jersey, Belvidere / drips constantly


Purchased Mrcoffee -FT series and the pot drips terribly every time I pour it-attactive looking-drew my attention to purchase it-but drips all the time-could it be the pot it defective-if so please replace.let me know what you will do about this -have always bought mr coffee pots for years-have this glass decanter 12 cup pot for two months ready to throw it away!! please advise-thank you

Mr. Coffee - North Carolina, Swannanoa / Terrible quality product


In Jan 2008 I purchased a Mr. Coffee coffeemaker model # 15x43 for $40. at Lowes. Last night 7/12/2008 it quit working. It will not bring water up into the maker to the coffee grounds, & the brew timer is not working. Since I no longer have the receipt or box the store will not exchange it. I was so disappointed it brought me to tears. I loved that coffee maker & unfortunately my husband is unemployed right now so we can't afford to replace it. I had to replace it with a generic $10. Proctor Silex.