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BED BUGS! I rented a Rug Doctor carpet cleaning machine from my local store Foods CO. I just had the one small room to do preparing for my new couch which was coming in a week. Before picking up the machine I watched the online demo on how to use the machine properly. I picked up the machine carrying it home in the back of a pick-up truck. I brought it up to my apartment and checked to make sure it was clean and empty of solution as the video advised. I cleaned my carpet and returned the machine 2 hours later at around 3 p.m. At about 11:00 p.m. I sat a dinning chair on the carpet in order to lay my clothes out that I planned on wearing the next morning. The next morning I got up, took a shower and started to get dressed. Al of a sudden I began to scratch. At first I thought it was hives. As the itch began to spread from the lower part of my left breast upward to my neck I decided to look in the mirror. Sitting on the collar of the clean T-shirt I just put on was a BED BUG. I flicked it off into the sink and tried to catch it. It ran down the sink and I turned on the water flushing it further. I received ten (10) bites from that one bed bug.

I live in an apartment building that has very harsh rules regarding bed bugs. We have monthly inspections (of which I have never failed) and I had just had an inspection three days prior.

I immediately went back to the store and put in a complaint. Next i went to Bed, Bath and Beyond and bought plastic bags and coverings with zippers for my mattress, bedding, clothes and every other thing I thought my be affected. I spent the day washing everything before putting in the bags. When I came home I spoke with the manager of my building and he called pest control to come and do an emergency inspection. I later called the Rug Doctor company number (after reading the liability wavier which was unclear with regard to such things as bed bugs) listed on the receipt and put in a complaint. A few days later I received a call at 5:00 a.m. from a woman who was in charge of responding to complaints at Food Co. (aka Kroger Co.). She was very nice and explained what would happen. About two weeks later I received a letter fro Foods Co stating that my complaint had been tendered to Rug Doctor. I have been trying to get in touch with someone at Rug Doctor regarding this matter for the past month, leaving messages but receiving no return call or correspondence.

I know there is little that can be done about such things (from the store or the rug doctor company) but proper correspondence can go a long way. I also want to warn other people to beware.

Bed Bugs
Bed Bugs
Bed Bugs

  • Jo
    joe Oct 23, 2008

    i purchased rug doctor rug srubber and I'm being over charge for the machine . I want this account closed immediately

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We purchased a RUG DOCTOR about 2 years ago. I used the darn thing maybe a total of 8/10 times? It broke once and they did repair it..but we had to drive miles to the center that did this and were without it for a couple weeks. NOW it is BROKEN AGAIN??? What the heck? I rarely use this machine, it's almost brand new. Did they sell me a refurbished one without telling me? I don't know. All I know is I am LIVID about this and out $500.00!!!

rug doctorEmployment

Received call from company on a Friday stating to me it was a call center for infomercials. They set up interview on a Monday for me, which the gentleman I was suppose to interview with was late and when I finally started the interview process he was rude. I found out it was a sales job for rug doctor and in order to start you've got to buy a $40 headset and legal notepad binder to begin. which he stated to me I would accept a minum wage position after I told him I would've accept 7.25 per hr to start that I wont get anywhere in life. But I'm a currently a college student looking for work while I attend school.

  • Ni
    Nicole2011 Aug 11, 2011

    Just a heads up, the call center that contacted youwas a third party that is not affiliated with Rug Doctor. You would just happen to be promoting/selling that particular companies products/services. You should of found out the name of the call center and name them in your post, not Rug Doctor, as they do not need to call people for employement.

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rug doctorcan't get it fixed

I purchased a rug doctor about a year ago. It has done it's job for that year and now all of the sudden it quit working so I tried to call the 1-800- rug-doctor number, but they kept transfering my call or telling me call back and press 4 then I did and I ended up being on the phone for 50 minutes. Here I am out of 800 dollars and have a machine that is taking up space. They want to sell their product but they offer no maitenance so if you plan on purchaseing one only do so if you are a handy man.