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Jul 26, 2012

If you get everything correct and do not have to deal with them it probably works, if you get an issue, you're done!! When I got my Husqvarna, the backorder date was just pushing out and I had to finally flip the order to another model they physically had. When I got it I was about to relocate abroad and signed off on an undamaged box. When opened there is no way in h-ll I would have signed looking at the transport damages that were not visible outside the box. Calling them the response was that they would send me a spray can that would fix the issue, which I let them I was not happy with... / Do yourself a favor and buy from one of the less expensive places

Jun 18, 2012

Shipping estimate gives a date that is a lie. After they didn't send it on the day they were supposed to send it, I cancelled the order. They then sent me an email saying I couldn't cancel because they sent it - they had not yet sent it according to the time on the return email. It was supposed to arrive Wednesday - it's now Friday afternoon and I'm still waiting. The company makes no attempt to make amends or try in anyway to satisfy the customer. If you can't wait around indefinitely for delivery, they charge you hundreds of dollars for return shipping. They are a... / What a nightmare

May 21, 2012

Purchased a Snapper lawn mower from Mowers Direct. What a nightmare. The sales rep informed me the mower would only need to have the handle put on by me a couple handles with screws. Simple enough, mower arrived within a few days looked fine in the box. I slid mower out of box took the handle and soon realized several parts to connect the handle to the mower and controls attachments to engine etc were not in box. Ick. Contacted Mowers Direct customer service and they said they would get the parts shipped, 7 days later connecting parts (fifteen plastic bags) containing screws, bolts, washer... / Stay away from these guys

Apr 19, 2012

I ordered a lawn mower through their site, They said I would receive it on Wednesday so my wife took off work to sign for it and they did not show. I called the shipping company and they said that the first "estimate" was only for business addresses only and residential would be the next day between noon and 4, here it is 6 and its still not here. I called Mower Direct hoping for an ally and was told that they could cancel the order but I was still responsible for the shipping (which was free) but now amounted to $350, almost the full cost of the mower... Next I guess ill call the Credit Card Company.