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MOVE-A-PIANO.COM Complaints & Reviews

MOVE-A-PIANO.COM - Oklahoma, Tulsa / Piano Move


I would agree with previous poster in strongly recommending you find another piano mover. I hired David Webster at to move my piano into storage at their Oklahoma site, and then to be moved later to my home in Utah. It is a C1 Yamaha Mark IV. It was moved with no issue. However, while I was overseas I got a message from David stating my piano had been accidentally placed on a truck heading west and would I be able to take delivery. I was amazed to say the least. I phoned him and found out his company was going out of business – and he was trying to get all pianos out of...

MOVE-A-PIANO.COM - California, San Rafael / Incompetent piano moving


Choose ANYONE else to move your piano, including your local plumber - I promise you that they will do a better job than MOVE-A-PIANO.COM! MOVE-A-PIANO.COM moved my Yamaha C6 grand piano from Florida to San Francisco North Bay. They agreed to move it within 2 months, 0 stairs at pickup and 6 stairs at delivery. Here is what happened: Three months after a HUGE amount of chasing, they finally picked it up in Florida. Two guys in a truck then turned up at my home in San Francisco to move a 7 ft grand up 6 stairs! They obviously couldn't physically do this so they asked my permission to reverse...