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Marcus Evans / THG Complaints & Reviews

Marcus Evans / THG - England, Greater London, London / working for THG

Aug 11, 2011

THG/ Marcus Evans, is the worst company to work for, its full of ### and lies, has no values, uses its employees to get them leads from their target market and use them behind their backs, they do not provide you with an email account or a personal computer you only use one of there crappy old computers for research and when sending emails to get a decision, so if you email a CEO or Chairman you must get them to buy your product within 2 hours using loads of lies like other company cancelled and price is reduced to half price today while the price hasn’t been changed and also they ask...

Marcus Evans / THG / Scam


Hi there, Just wanted to give you a little bit of an insider view on Marcus Evens. I worked for Mr Marcus Evans and his Marshal named Mr Adnan Quazi for just over an year. I first worked for THG where a Manager teach you to treat any secretary you come across like sh*t in order to pass through her and eventually speak with her boss. Just managers make few bucks exploiting your work and stealing your deals, and normally by the time you get the full picture you get the boot. In THG you dont sell anything except an idea! In order to cut overheads Marcus Evans doesnt book any venue until they get the...