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Luxe Models Complaints & Reviews

Luxe Models / test shoot

Jun 20, 2017

After applying to their services online a received a phone call from them wanting to book me in for a test shoot to see if I would be suitable for their books as a mature model. I parted with a £50 deposit to cover the cost if I didn't show up which I though was fair enough and was told that if something came up just to drop them a line and they would refund it for me. I then did a bit more research online and found out that although the test shoot is free that they will then corner you into buying the portfolio at anything up to £1200 or else you would not be able to progress further. Needless to...

Luxe Models / Portfolio scam

Apr 08, 2017

I took my daughter along to Thomas street studios in Manchester, the actual shoot didn't take long however the hard sell was another matter. The lady only showed us the edited photos which was all well and good, as a single mum I was reluctant but did eventually part with £1200, when we got home the disk was just a cheap one you can buy anywhere, it contained plenty photos! Only 5 of them were acceptable. I have since found out about all the scamming going on and I feel sick to my stomach, I wish so much I could change my mind, but instead I'm financially in a mess for nothing! I bet they don't send pictures to agencies and I bet they sleep at night whereas I can't.

Luxe Models - England, Greater London, London / I am sure that this service can't cost $1000…

May 31, 2013

I came to Luxe Models to make a professional portfolio and they made ugly photos. The CD they gave me contained not airbrushed photos. It is unprofessional. I am sure that this service can’t cost $1000…