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LIST Giant Complaints & Reviews

LIST Giant - Maryland, California / Marketing lists

Apr 07, 2017

Purchased a list that cost over $1, 000 from List Giant. They claimed the list would be 90% accurate and contain the records I requested. The list was delivered in a way to obscure revenues so I could not tell if it met my requirements. Then the e-mail list was only 70% accurate. Company unwilling to resolve the problem even though they have quotations all over their e-mails suggesting they are customer focused. Don't do business with List Giant...they do not deliver on their is run like a scam!

LIST Giant / Bad data

May 16, 2011

Bad data indeed. We were given 2500 companies that included many out of business, many with incomplete contact info, and the majority are so small they have 1-4 employees with no company websites. Not exactly quality SMB leads. I asked ListGiant to exchange some of the bad ones and got the runaround. Would not do business with them again!