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Leads Blvd Complaints & Reviews

Leads Blvd - Florida, Melbourne / vulgar tone

rosemayfield143 on May 10, 2013

It has only been going on for a couple of weeks, but I have actually frustrated in the amount of calls that have been receiving unsolicited. There are a lot of people calling me, from different from members, and from different identities, and most of them are actually calling about a certain product from a certain company. This is really frustrating for me, as not only is this a feature that I do not want, but definitely a fixture that I would not like repeated in the future. I have tried talking to them, but the only thing that makes sense is that they keep threatening me about harassing...

Leads Blvd - Florida, Melbourne / Someone calling

rethalanza453 on May 10, 2013

More often than not, I have only been getting a lot of calls from unsolicited people, selling me products, and telling me that my life can get much better with the help of such products. Being on the do not call list, the least I can expect is that people do not call me in such manner. I have only been getting a lot of calls from Leads Blvd based in Florida, most of them have actually been able to give them the desired amount of help, but in most cases, I am not at all interested in that particular product. After having politely told them not to call me again, I have only been getting such...

Leads Blvd - Florida, Melborne / Joshua Correll

Courtney Deason on May 10, 2013

On the receipt of unsolicited phone calls from Leads Blvd based in Florida in the middle of the night, one can only fear the worst. But for me, I have been receiving sales calls in the middle, asking a ton of questions and then providing me with a solution to all my "supposed" problems. When I do mention to them, extremely politely, that have been registered with the do not call list by the government, I am then apologized to, and the phone hanged up. But this would be a different scenario if they stop at that. There are continuous phone calls that I have to receive in the middle of the night...