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labor ready - Arizona, Tucson / HORRIBLE!

aruiz85 on Jan 28, 2013
What the hell is this TESCOR Survey ###! I went in to labor ready today to fill out an application to hopefully to get some work since my family is going through a hard time right now. I waited there for 2 hours to fill out an application since there were a lot of people ahead of me. Finally my turn comes up and I have to take this TESCOR Survey test with 73 Questions, First off this is the most ridiculous thing I've ever done. This TESCOR Survey ask so many questions that no other job would ever ask, It asked me about 6 times in different questions if I have ever did any Drugs ( my...

labor ready - Florida, tamap / working methods

cbatchelor53 on Nov 21, 2012
I work for labor ready in Tampa, fl. I just got off of a 8 straight week ticket but since then "2 weeks ago" They have not sent me out to another job site. The way it is suppose to go is when you sign in for that day''s work the employee's behind the desk that are incharge of sending people out to work are calling people at home, " that have not even bothered to show up that morning", and sending them on a work ticket when they have at least 15 people in the building right then that have at least shown up to go out to work.The other question is why are they taking people off a...

labor ready - New Hampshire, Dover / witheld payment for my services

Justwanttowork on Jan 25, 2012
I worked for 8 hours and they only paid me for 6.5 hours. I called to complain and the woman was rude and patronizing (I think her name was Kristina Bellizzi). I never got paid for that hour and a half. I then found out that this has happened many times before to other people I've talked to that have gone through Labor ready for work.

labor ready / Extremely unprofessional

Kilo B on May 16, 2011
First impressions do not mean so much when you need rent money. However, I was not impressed at all when I went to the Poplar Level, Louisville KY location. It took almost 30 min. to be acknowledged, while the manager and second in command discussed the neighbor's dog and a birthday party. The place is dirty and the manager screams profanities at the workers. They finally had me take a seat (applications are only taken before 10 am) and waited for the new girl to arrive, then they left for lunch leaving the new girl to deal with me and another applicant, after 11:15 am. Another time, I...

labor ready / Scam

Donkystyle on Apr 26, 2011
You know I don't know what the *** is wrong with the people that run the labor Ready desk in Chester they sent me out on a job that was only going to be four hours long and I think $20 transportation's I get to the job at 10:30 and I'm hanging around and it's about 11;00 I call the person I'm suppose to meet and he says what job were not doing that job today call your dispatch I call my dispatch (labor Ready) and the knuckel head girl says oops that job is for Saturday she says come back to the office and will give you 2 hours pay which comes to about $14 I had to...

labor ready / Workers fired for finding bomb!

Kenkelly95 on Mar 22, 2011
The three workers who found a bomb at the MLK march site in Spokane Wa. were fired by Labor Ready for "Mishandling" the situation. Say they were herassed by company for several days afterwards. This bomb was designed and placed to kill by a white racist who has been arrested. Labor Ready, better people had been killed?? These three deserve to be thanked and congratulated and rewarded for their actions rather then punished. They opened the backpack, saw wires and called police. Proper thing to do in my opinion. I would advise everyone to avoid this company as it seems the doller in the pocket is more important then the lives of their fellow Americans.

labor ready / The people working the front desk refuse to let me fill-out an application on days they take apps

Tedzluv4u on Mar 14, 2011
It has been several weeks now, that I've come into the office at 1450 Morse Rd. in Columbus, OH. Only to be told to come back on monday's. Yes, I have come in at the time stated on the front door. Only to be turned away again. I have come into this office with a gracious and respectful attitude always. Yet, the people at the front counter refuse to allow me an application. Stating that I could come back on Mondays, and when I do, they say they're not taking application because of not enough staff on duty at that time. I come in on Thursdays only to be told the same exact thing. It is disheartning for an indivitual who wants and needs to work to support his family, to be turn away in this manner.

labor ready / Refused work for not bringing other workers to job site

Free American on Feb 8, 2011
Labor Ready Gretna, LA. refused me an assignment. after calling me on the phone, and asking me to come to the office to fill out a records check authorization. Upon my arrival at the office, the staff member offered me gas money to bring two other people to the job site. Was never introduced to the people and told that I would be paid for gas when I returned with the people. No paperwork to prove such a deal and refused to understand that I am liable for those people when in my personal vehicle. Am I a taxi service?

labor ready - North Carolina, Fayetteville / dispatcher

zyxabc on Feb 3, 2011
dispatcher Marggret is very unprofessional she lets workers work with sneakers on jobs that require boots dispatcher fraternize with male workers dispatcher margret brings her dog to work and let the dog stay in the building dispatcher margrett lets employees smoke legal and illegal subtances in the building in front of customers dispatcher margrett allow bad altitude from employees and allow profanity dispatcher margrett leaves ready for hours at a time with employees

labor ready / Working skilled jobs for minimum pay

I have been working at labor ready for years and i don't understand how the jobs pay rates go down you get certified to do job such as flagging and semi skilled work and your pay is still min wages and when you ask manager(sherry powell) about pay she says if you don't like it go somewhere else i think someone should look into this please and i also want to know why if our office is in hillsborough county and you go to another county to work why you are not payed for travel time. office is 5701 e Columbus drive Tampa fl 33603 start work at 700am company drive to orange county and don't want to start pay till you get to orange county.

labor ready - Indiana, Fort Wayne / Tescor Survey

I went to Labor Ready looking for work, whereas I was told to take a Tescor Survey before employment could be offered. I took the survey, which asked about theft, drug use, anger issues, RACE, etc. When I finished, I was told I wasn't qualified for employment! I am a very honest person, and answered accordingly, of which I should have had no problems. Nothing negative on my part. When I asked Julie why I was disqualified, she informed me that she didn't have that info, and that I should contact Tescor. I looked them up on the computer when I got home, called them, and was informed...

labor ready - California, Los Angeles / lack of work or no work at all

where and when do you tell some one to do more about company compeition. why would labor ready go in the blank. labor ready is great for the work force . but the way it been over the last six months people should call private government agencies so they can run it. can you look into this.
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