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KPN Complaints & Reviews

KPN / Vaste telefoon / landline

Feb 8, 2016

We moved 2 house numbers further on the road and announced the change of address at least 3 weeks in advance (as requested by KPN on their website). We made it clear that we want to keep our old phone number. The technician came as planned, all machinery is connected. However, we still cannot be called with our old phone number. Reason given by KPN (after numerous calls): They want to "honour" the contract they still have with the previous inhabitant. The previous inhabitant cancelled his contract and moved to another country. Apparently his cancellation was late and his contract last...

KPN / Lack of communications

May 12, 2014

Dear Ms Femke Kothuis, I have used KPN for 43 years, but I had no other choice but to give up, not without reasons. In Dec 2012, I decided to change to KPN glassfibre all-in-package. We had problem from January 2013 till Nov 2013. Yes, KPN twice paid compensations, but that does not compensate spending hours and hours sitting in KPN office for 8 times, 5 times sitting at home for your KPN exparts and ringing twenty times (with our mobile) without getting any reply. No telephone, or internet, or TV or combinations. Thanks to KPN We learned to use Skype and Facetime, hence I finally changed...

KPN / iPhone subscription

Apr 28, 2011

I bought an iPhone4 from KPN, last December. I requested them to port my mobile number from my old T-mobile connection to KPN. They said it would happen in 1 month and till then they will not deduct any subscription charge from me. It has been 4 months since and still my number has not been ported to KPN and neither am I being charged any subscription from KPN. It is like I got an iPhone4 for free from KPN. I have called up the T-Mobile customer care asking them why my number is not ported to KPN yet. They say that KPN has not yet requested for number portability. I call up KPN customer...

KPN / Charging money for service that I dont use !


I had took internet connection & telephone service from KPN and used for 6 months then, canceled after 6 months, as was moving to another city. I sent there help desk many email to cancel the services & called them a lot of time. But everyting in vain, now its 10 months since I canceled or requested to cancel the service since i last used, but they are still charging money from my account. Few weeks back I called there headquarters as got tired & tried all ways that an English speaking person can try. I talked to a lot of people and they were just forwarding to next department & so on. Finall One...