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John Moore Complaints & Reviews

John Moore / Bad servicing of AC unit

Aug 13, 2012

This company charged an elderly woman approx. $800 to repair her AC unit last year and when it broke down again in a week they came by and charged another $3500 to repair. This was approx. 1 year ago. The AC unit stopped working this week, John Moore was called and they made a 2-5 appt. then cancelled and expected the elderly woman to wait until the next morning. This company tore through her house last year and charged top dollar to do so. The company creates havoc and unnecessary expense by having to call in another AC company to fix the damage they do.

John Moore - Texas, Houston / Overcharge & did not fix a/c

Aug 5, 2011

I reported John Moore to the Better Business Bureau. On July 19, 2011, Tom Cartledge of John Moore called regarding my complaint. His company charged $718.00 to replace 2 capacitors. This did not fix the problem, they came back out and added 10 lbs of freon to my unit without checking anything. I called a 2nd company, they had to drain the freon and checked the system. They charged $218.00 and fixed the unit. John Moore said I needed to replace the evaporator. I have called Tom several time, but he will not return my call and has not resolved this problem.

John Moore - Texas, Alvin / Overcharge a/c part & did not fix it

Jul 15, 2011

John Moore came out 05/23/2011, 10:15 am, because the a/c was not working and the temp in the house was 80 degrees. The tech replaced 2 capacitors and charged $718.00. He said that would fix the problem. He never checked the freon or anything else. Several hours it was 78 degrees and I called them to come back. It took 3 more phone calls to finally get him out. He came back with his gauges around his neck. He said the added 10 lbs of freon (which is impossible). He then said the evaporator needed to be replace. I called another company out and he said the evaporator did not need to be replace...