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John Casablancas Modeling Complaints & Reviews

John Casablancas Modeling / Awful service


I am a very disappointed parent. Today, the personnel from the John's Casablanca Agency in Oklahoma City abandoned the students in the building. They left at 5pm and the students were left alone with a mediocre photographer finishing the uploading of photos that were taken that day. First of all, there was no respect toward the parents and students and lack of professionalism from this agency, specially the Director. This is the second time were the same photographer is use and he shows no professionalism at all. I truly don’t know why the Agency hires him for the shootings. But...

John Casablancas Modeling / They are a scam


I had taken the basic Modeling with Barbizon in 1984 and Professional Modeling with Refine in 1995. I was a student a John Casablanca’s in Longwood FL in 2007 to refresh what I have learned years ago. Except for the first class instructor, the rest of the instructors had no interest on what they were teaching. In one of the class the young instructor spent most of the class text messaging with a friend and the girls in the class were lost on what they needed to do. In other class the instructor spend most of the class talking about her self that teaching the subject. In the color matching class, we were never color matched. It was a total waste of money and time.