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Jet Stores Complaints & Reviews

Jet Stores / lack of assistance — no staff on floor

Nov 10, 2017

Good day I'm very perturbed to inform you that I visited Jet Stores, Commissioner St, Boksburg this morning intending to purchase a bathroom towel set. I managed to reach a hand towel and face cloths, but the matching bath towel was on a shelve out of my reach. I waited around in the expectation that a staff member would soon come to my aid. After some time had elapsed I went to the back in search of someone to assist me. A lady I spoke to promised to send someone. I sat on the bench opposite the bedding section for what seemed like an eternity. I went to the back again and informed the lady...

Jet Stores / Account block z

Nov 16, 2016

I was retrenched last year august and submitted all required documents. My account was never settled only the following year is april, due to that my account had a arrears on which the insurance did not cover. So I settled the arrears and the balance on the account while I was not working. Today I went to to the store to find out what I must do to reopen my account, I was told that my account is blocked with a code zone and I will reopen my account. Can some please help me!!!

Jet Stores / arrangement for payment

Sep 27, 2012

Thulisile R. Maseko P O Box 6365 Manzini A/C7006700100001194761 May you please kindly allow me to pay my lovely account in instalments.I have been a trustworthy customer to you, you know that but because of problems i faced i could not pay it and things were extremely bad for me.I do not want to spoil my reputation and i still love and want may account.It was of help to me. Thank You