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JB HUNT Complaints & Reviews

JB HUNT / Delivery service stinks

Aug 5, 2011

My mother in law purchased a washer and dryer from best buy on a Saturday, they salesperson stated that they could deliver it on Tuesday. JB Hunt called and said that they would be there between 2-5pm. Around 6pm she still had not heard anthing and called them. They told her that they ran out of time and had to reschedule for Thursday. She was okay with that. Thursday came and they said that they would be there between 5-7. Around 6:30 pm on Thursday JB Hunt called her and stated that because of the rain that morning that they would have to cancel the delivery and did not give her a new day or...

JB HUNT / Avoid JB Hunt at all costs


We recently purchased a washer and dryer set from Best Buy. The employees at Best Buy were great! However, the company Best Buy uses for delivery is terrible! It is J.B. Hunt. When our first washer and dryer set was being delivered, I was given a delivery window of 2-4, but the delivery men did not show up until 7:30 that night, and then they dropped the dryer in our driveway. I had purchased a floor model, and I could not get another one. I went to Best Buy, and picked out a different one, and was told I'd haved to wait for another week to get it delivered. (I had already sold my other...

JB HUNT - Arkansas, Lowell / Hiring, in orentation they send home


I was called by a recruiter and driving for jb hunt. I asked about my dac report and employment, They said everything looked good and thier shouldn't be a problem. So they put me on a bus to Newark, New jersey. I get there to find out the cab phone number wasn't right. I paid 80 dollars to go 20 miles to the hotel. I check in and go to orentaion the next day. all is good i pass all the task given to me and on day 2 they say i have 2 months of unverified employment and thier not going to hire me. Well i was there for a job because i was laid off from my last company, and the ression kept me out of work for 5 months. So i have to take a bus all the way back home. Is what they are doing legal?

JB HUNT / Scam and cheating


I was recently terminated from JB Hunt for being involved in an accident that was not my fault according to the police report. But JB fired me they stated that I was still under the 90 days. Thats the only explanation I received from them. I asked why I was terminated and was hung up on. I have been trying to contact some one in HR but everytime I call I get hung up on.