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IntlMove Complaints & Reviews

IntlMove / Bait and switch, MAJOR scam company

Mar 28, 2011

IntlMOVE has been an absolute nightmare. They "reel you in" with a good comparable quote and promise delivery of shipped belongings within 8-10 weeks. However, 6 months and thousands of dollars over the initial quote later, my husband and I still don't have our possessions. We discovered that they hire sub-contractors only to do their work. In our case, IntlMOVE waited 4 weeks to pick up belongings from the initial moving company who arrived at our home on Sept 29, 2010. Then, instead of our belongings going from Santa Fe, NM to Australia where we were moving to, IntlMOVE then had them...



Travelers beware of INTLMOVE. My belongings were stolen while in Intlmove possession. They used a pick up company the PaddedWagon to pick up my stuff and stored it before shipment. The move from my storage was overseen by me but what happened next was a nightmare. After the pick up, the administration told me I had to itemize the stuff for insurance purpose. Since the the things were in storage for a while and I could not retrieve the list at the time of filling their inventory, I failed to list every item of value. My mistake. I lost more from my shipment than I got. It appeared that they went...

IntlMove - Florida, Miami / Scam artist


If I was going to give you all the details of my experience with Intlmove, it could take a while. I have used several moving companies in the past moving from France to the States, from the States to South Africa and the East coast to the West coast, with any kind of companies you have to be clear on the words, the contract, etc..which I believe I started to master but you can only master so much with a company that do scam for a living. At first they seem to be very professional, everything looked like it was going to be a smooth move: a well written contract, they would answers all our...

IntlMove - Florida, North Miami Beach / overcharging


INTLMOVE overcharges almost every customer. IF you do not pay, they will charge you storage and late fees... EVERYBODY gets overcharged. Don't believe me.?..try to get the owner on the phone.. David Etzion...he hides in the accounting department ( and is the only person in the accounting department) You will get invoices, up to 3 of them, each demanding more money, before your items leave the country. Don't beleive me...? Ask for 5 referrals from each of the last 4 months...they will not be able to provide you with a single real customer.

IntlMove - Florida, North Miami Beach / fraudulant excessive charges


contracted to move a one bedroom appartment's furnishings to Spain. Original estimate was $3500. After picking up the merchandise the company billed us for "overflow" which we paid. They subsequently billed us for additional charges for packing and wrapping. We have paid a total of nine thousand dollars to this company, and now they are charging another 2400 to put the merchandise in storage and threatening to cancel the move if we don't pay the additional 2400.

IntlMove / Stay away!


In my entire life, I have never seen anything like this. Allow me to give some highlights. The initial quote for my move from California to London was $1795 and 6 weeks. In the end the charge was $4, 281.51 and the move has taken 18 weeks. They sent me two sets of bills for supposed overages. The first I paid without comment, but at the second I protested. I emailed them asking to explain why they kept wanting more money and when it would stop. They responded by only one week after their request for funds charging my $600 to store my belongings because they had to put my move on 'hold' because I...

IntlMove - Florida, Miami / Extra Charges


Intl Move are trying to charge me extra charges from the agreed contract to ship my furniture from Miami to the UK. The claim the pick up agent has had to pack furniture for shipment and they sent me the pick up receipt signed by the pick agent and myself. Unfortunatley the document they have scanned me, has been doctored and faulsified after it was signed. I have the orignal copy (without the additions) in my possesion. They have also asked for overflow (may be ligitimate) and also a fuel surcharge for shipping company? They are asking an extra $1200 and have now ask for a further $300 for...

IntlMove - California, Placerville / Fradulent charges


Intl move are blantant crooks. After filling out there speadsheet that was provided on-line by INLTMove they gave us a bid for $2, 400. Once the movers came to my house we repeatadly asked to see if we are over the max allowable to us, they said no. Later the next day my wife recieved an email stating we owed them an additional $3, 050 for overflow. I called them, they told me I had two options, pay them the whole amount or pay an additional fee of $150 and take out items from our pallets. This whole thing is a fraud. now they have our stuff and won't give it back or our money. Do not use this company!!