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IBC Bank Complaints & Reviews

IBC Bank - Oklahoma, Oklahoma City / customer service

Jul 18, 2018

I have been a customer with ibc for over two years. My mother recently passed away, resulting in my receiving 28 us treasury bonds, issued in my father's name (deceased) or mine. These were bonds my father purchased through his payroll. I presented these bonds to the cashier at my local branch, along with appropriate identification. They refused to process them due to my ssn not being printed on the front of the bond. (if they had bothered to read their own published policy regarding processing treasury bonds, they would have known this is a common issue and the solution is for me to write my...

IBC Bank - Texas, McAllen / Fraud

Aug 28, 2011

Dear Sirs I have a problem with IBC Bank in McAllen. I opened a CD with 100.000.00 usd The bank made a withdrawal from 93.628.09 usd at the date of 03/31/2007 without notice or information . I went to the bank and had a meeting with Mr. David Guerra the owner of the bank and Mr. Manuel Muñiz is always the officer who helped me .. until today no one wants to give me a reason for this transaction. I send all data from my accounts that the bank cancel without any reason. please help me to recover my investment. Name : Khaled Kobta El Kholy Phone number (210) 401-3134 E.mail [email protected] Bank Account : 6001764034 ( IBC BANK ) CD Account : 2510311034

IBC Bank - Oklahoma / OVerdrAFT CHARGES


I ve have been banking for about 5 years with this bank and once in a while my accout would be overdrawn small amounts; In; July some how I had an error and thought I still had money in my account so I would make purchases, They deny any wrong doing when they got one whole paycheck about 400 dollars and I figured I would be able to fix it, I get a notice where I'm in the hole 889 dollars after paying in 399.96. "Its not our fault it's the merchant that approves the transaction. I don't buy this. You go to 'Wendy's and they will decline your card if you don't have...

IBC Bank / Poor customer service


IBC took over my bank and from that day on customer service has gone done hill. IBC seems more concern with generating fees than customer service. Here are just a few of my experience with them. My wife several times has cashed a check through the drive through window and the amount she wrote the check for sent the account into an over-daft situation. Instead of telling her she was going to overdraft the account they cashed the check and charged a $29 NSF fee. I finally noticed what was happening after they did this three times and went in to discuss this with a bank officer. I was told their...

IBC Bank - Texas / They stole my money!!!


I have been banking with IBC for 4-5 years and have not had any problems untill recently. i have been charged overdraft fees on items that were not overdrafted. i can pull up my account online and there are no negative balances on there at all!! yet they charged me overdraft fees for three items that clearly show a positive balance remaining after they have posted to my accouunt. when i showed them this to request my money to be returned, i was told that the online banking is not accurate and i pretty much need to balance my account better and not rely on thier website. they refuse to give me...

IBC Bank / Awful customer service


My father in law has recently passed. He was not married and had three children. In the end he told my husband (the oldest child) that he wanted him to take care of his affairs and barial. He wrote out what he wanted (he didn't have a lot). He gave us his bank account card, his pin #, a voided check etc. thinking that would be enough to close out the account. Well we found out a few weeks before he passed that his life insurance policy through his company JB HUNT (who should also have repercussions for what they have done) said that they wouldn't pay his small life ins policy because...