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Hurley State Bank Complaints & Reviews

Hurley State Bank / Unfair Debt Collection


I received a voice mail by someone claiming to be be an investigator in the special crimes unit named Michael Mcleod who gave a badge number of 5287. I was immediately scared when he had all of my personal information and said that he was preparing a warrant for Hurley State Bank. I do not know who Hurley State Bank is and they refused to provide me with any additional information. I have tried Hurley (Now Citibank) who claim they know nothing about it. When you call the number provided (770-783-1023 they claim you are calling the states special crimes unit. Is this legal?

Hurley State Bank / Beware


This company is been charging me a debt that is not mine. I wrote to every single collection agency that they have used to ask of proof of debt, no answer. Instead, they change the collection agency and the balance keeps increasing, I don't know what else to do. When I talked to the collection agencies they gave me a phone and address to talk to the freaking bank but when you call them they ask you to talk to the collections agency. This *** make me so mad, because it is like a hot potato while this people abuse consumers and damage our credit and we can't do anything