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Household Bank Complaints & Reviews

Household Bank / Account Problems

Jose G. on Dec 21, 2011

On 11/29/11 at approximately 10:00 pm, I called in to activate my new credit card. I was asked a series of questions such as my full social, full name and mother's maiden name. The representative then continued another series of questions that was "obtained from public records" and "may or may not pertain to me." I went on to answer these questions and then I was told that they could not verify my identity. Appalled, I could not understand why this was so since everything that was asked I had answered. Personally, I do not understand how some of the questions such as what kind of car I...

Household Bank / Screwed

Rolanmiles on Jul 7, 2011

They gave me a 2000 dollar limit. i paid my statement every month almost in full. my wife and my daughter go on vacation and use the card and told there is a block on it, i call household bank and they say they reduced my credit limit to 1400 dollars|. i asked them why and they said i took a cash advance for 60 dollars!. that 60 dollars was already paid/. the said OK and took the block off and my credit available was 69 dollars.. now i have my family on vacation with a 69 dollar credit availability!. i said when were you going to inform me of the credit reduction they said we mailed you a...

Household Bank / Charged me Late Fees for No Reason

DJ Deni on May 3, 2011

Every month I make my payment on time give or take a day or so. I just so happened to look back on my statements wondering why my balance is not going down. They have been charging me late charges for no reason. As of January 2011 I am now one month ahead and I received a late charge in the months of November, December, January, February and March. I have emailed them asking them to reimburse these charges and they refused. I also asked them to please lower my rate because of the hard economic times. They said NO! I am now forced to close this account.

Household Bank - Nevada / Unethical practices

Handypeople on Jan 1, 2011

THE AUTO PAY that ISN'T an AUTO PAY. I have HOUSEHOLD BANK for years, I had Auto-Pay set up on my account originally for $50 and then dropped auto pay to $30 and my payment was always $29.00. Well last month they charged me $39 for membership against my account balance so then they changed my minimum to $31 but they only took out $30.00. so I got charged $25.00 late fee because I was 1$ short according to them in my auto pay. This month it is back to $29.00 per month. I called household bank to find out why they didn't take out the minimum. They said they could only go up to the $30...

Household Bank / Scam to steal money

Household Bank continues to send me my bill late. This is a trick by them to be able to charge their customers "late fees" I have contacted them several times and they say they are required by law to mail the bill at least 21 days in advance. When I ask them why my bill continues to show up late they all have the same corporate answer "we have no control over the post office" I then ask them why I can no longer access my bill on line and they say "you can't?" Well I am tired of them stealing from me I am going to stand up and as I told them simply no longer pay my bill.

Household Bank / Scam


I recently got a card from this company. I paid off all charges for the month and they have not given me back credit for it. It was my first payment. I do not want to pay credit fees and felt I was being responsible using credit. They are penalizing me. I would not recommend this card to anyone.I sent email to the customer service Indian named customer service people and they were unresponsive.Don't get a card from this company. it is a waste of your time. They require a yearly fee right off the bat. I am pissed.

Household Bank / Raised my interest rate!


They do it because they CAN! Actually, I have card with Orchard Bank, which is same as HSBC.HSBC card has a low interest rate, so did Orchard when I signed up back in November. However they did not send me 1st statement therefore I had not paid the bill. They then sent me the next month's statement, late fee included. I called up telling them I had not received the 1st bill (which was honest) and they reversed the late fee and gave me back half of the annual fee because they did not want to lose me as a customer...oh boo hooo. The next statement...they JACKED UP THE INTEREST FROM 15% TO...

Household Bank / Poor service


I have been calling household bank for months 1. It prevent me from logging in many time keeps on asking me for my to change my email... then go paperless... then something else. 2. It says it takes my payment online and it doesn’t I have to keep on checking on it and do it several times before it takes... I have called more that 10 times on it over the past few months and they keep on saying its fixed or they are working on it .. What a garbage place I would like to know what fedgov place to complain

Household Bank - California, San Bernardino / Unauthorized balance transfer!

I applied for a credit card online and I put my balance transfer info on the application I wanted to transfer 8, 500.00 from my discover card., well I was only given a credit limit of 1, 000.00, so there was no way of transferring that balance but instead of calling me first household bank went ahead and transfered 850.00 without my consent first, and i am not even the card holder on the discover card so they didn't even check that first. When I called them to tell them they made a mistake they told me there was nothing they can do about it!

Household Bank - Illinois, Schaumburg / Scam and theft!


I would like to start by saying this company refuses to help me, or anyone I know that utilizes their services. NEVER USE THEM, businesses that I know use them for house accounts are BEST BUY, Household Bank, Helzberg Diamonds, Orchard Bank, and GM Rewards.They outsource customer service calls to the middle east and asian islands, yet are still only open for a short business day. Contacting them is useless. The staff is rude and seem almost happy to hear how bad this company can make your life. HSBC corporate is pleased with their activity, and needs to be sued to stop. Upon opening my...

Household Bank - California, City of Industry / Stay away from the service they offer!


I received a promotion in the mail for a preapproved credit card. It was associated with Best Buy so I figured it was legit. I reviewed the Terms and Conditions and it was a standard card with no annual fee and decent rates. I opted for the 'Account Shield' protection program cause it seemed reasonable. I then used the card a few times and set up online payment through their web site. Here's where they got me. I charged the card up to within $10 of the limit. I set up a payment and it came out of my bank without any issues. what then happened is they held the payment for about 5...

Household Bank / Consumer, beware of Household Bank!

When I opened above credit cards with Household Bank I also purchased their credit card insurance. I became disabled and after numerous attempts Household (self-insured) finally activated my disability claim. This was a devastating road, because the insurance claim department was always late in making the payments (same financial institution!!!). When my doctor declared me permanently disabled, the credit card insurance paid off the balance. However, the interest rate on my credit card went up from 17.9% to 29.0%! (due to the late payments the Household Bank credit card insurance department...