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HomEq Servicing Complaints & Reviews

HomEq Servicing / Illegally harass, lies and deceitful practices!

I read Alan’s complaint regarding HomeEq Servicing. It’s amazing to me that this company is allowed to illegally harass home owners with their lies and deceitful practices. We are also victims of this HORRIBLE company that call themselves debt collectors. They make sure that you keep behind in your payments. They constantly harass you saying that your payment was not received or the bank rejected it. Even though my bank has no record that they tried to cash any of my last 2 payments. These check numbers are also missing on my statements and show as skipped numbers. They were paid...

HomEq Servicing / Predatory lending!


I have owned my own home since 1988 and never missed a payment. I have asthma and a sensitivity to perfumes and chemicals and other toxins. In 2003, my then employer ignored my needs. As a result, I breathed in some toxins sprayed at work. I could not breathe and catch my breath. I was left writhing in pain on the floor for 45 minutes in front of a room full of people before an ambulance was called. By the time I got to the hospital, my stomach had perforated resulting in emergency surgery and a $15,000 bill, which the employer or its insurance company refused to pay. I also lost my job for...

HomEq Servicing / In the top 5 worst companies!


Homeq has got to rate in the top, 5 worst companies. It is unfortunate that substandard companies are able to operate for so long before they are shut down. I don't understand why Homeq will call you repeatedly every hour on the due date of payment, you due have a grace period.