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Home Assure Complaints & Reviews

Home Assure / Fraud and scam


The company promised that they would negotiate with my mortgage lender to get me out of foreclosure. I had to complete the negotiations as our mediator completely abandoned us. After telling me that I could pay 50% up front, the company insisted on a full CASH payment being wired to them before they would do any work. The loan mediator that they assigned to our case did very little to help us. I asked to have a different mediator assigned but was told that was not possible. I had to negotiate the loan repayment plan with the lender without the mediator. I have asked for a full or partial...

Home Assure - Florida, Clearwater / Scam


I too was desperate to find myself with an adjusted ARM on my mortgage and to be late on a payment or two and located "Home Assure" online. I spoke with Chris McMinn multiple times before going through with overnighting my $5oo installment of the $1500 fee to assist me with my loan modification/and to assist me in saving my home. Chris was such a nice guy on the phone and even after questioning him once about the validity of Home Assure and how often they were able to assist people, he goes, " I would never give out my cell phone number to people if they weren't able to be assisted." The only...

Home Assure / Terrible experience


After many months almost a year No emails No phone calls.I suppose I got one thing from home assure time. There phone call to the lender stopped foreclosure for a bit.But never got an agreement done. I wanted a refund and got an email from Michael Grego on how there doing there job its my fault that 'We will contact you weekly' email and notify you on your options. Well I was in foreclosure but my lender made a program Reached out to me and I am set. I don't ever expect a refund and neither should anybody.The will just file Bankruptcy go out of business.And start over. They did not do as promised not even a letter to say we cant help that would have been the decent thing to do.