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Hillside SPCA Complaints & Reviews

Hillside SPCA - Pennsylvania, Pottsville / Privacy concern

Sep 11, 2016

My husband and I recently adopted an adorable pitbull there. We went to see the dog and all that. Well my husband signed the adoption papers and like any spca you have to agree to random visits without notice that's fine with me. Well I wasn't there to pick the dog up my husband was and he wrote all his info down and me as an emergency contact. Well all the people that I didn't meet there the one day i went are looking me up on facebook and used the info my husband gave them to find me and it creeps me out . None of them sent him a request. Just me . And none of them knew my name it was only on paper so what does that say. You can just use someone's info for anything ??

Hillside SPCA - Pennsylvania, Pottsville / The whole place

Jul 27, 2016

For a place that is supposed to help animals find a loving home they treat you like an idiot for wanting to adopt one. I am a stay at home mom of 2 children, own our home, have a dog who is at the vet regularly for check ups, who we pay health insurance for every month and buy him 70 bags of dog food bc he has food sensitivities, goes along with us everywhere, sleeps in our bed, is a huge part of our family!. Needless to say I consider ourselves pretty good pet owners. We took the decision to get a cat very seriously, we did our research, got everything ready, got a cat tree, litterbox, cat bed...

Hillside SPCA - Pennsylvania, Pottsville / I was turned Down Twice to Adopt a dog

Mar 1, 2016

I went to the HIllside SPCA in Pottsville Pennsylvania, (TWICE) to adopt a sheltered dog. I was turned down ! (TWICE) The Worker named DAYNA, was very ugly and nasty to me. I had a friend with me at the time, so have a WITNESS. When I went to the shelter to see the dogs, the worker named DAYNA said, (Go Home, Go online and Fill out an application. You May get a dog and you may NOT. I have all of what happened to me on my facebook page, EDWARD DRAGAN in detail. PLEASE read and look at it. WHO SUFFFERS! Not the Worker DaYNA! but The Animals ! I am trying for the (THIRD) time today March 1, 2016...

Hillside SPCA - Pennsylvania, Pottsville / The condition and treatment of animals

Dec 21, 2015

I recently bought two kittens from this place. The first thing that hit me was the overwhelming smell of uncleaned litter boxes an there were many of them. As I was looking for a kitten I found that they didn't separate the unhealthy cats from the ones that were healthy an no one told me that the kittens that I held had ringworm! They are supposed to give them their first shots but instead the just deworm an give them a flea bath and act like they are doing them a great favor. One of the kittens that I bought ended up having a very serious upper respiratory virus that was caught from when he...

Hillside SPCA - Pennsylvania, Pottsville / lying and fruad


this spca is lying to people about dogs they have lost, when the people call to ask if there animal is there they say it isn't and it is, what kind of a place thats intended to help animal's does that, I believe the spca should take action and look into this matter, It disgusts me to have a place for helping animals do such a terrible thing to good people who love there animals!!! HILLSIDE SPCA IS A JOKE