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Haebler Construction Complaints & Reviews

Haebler Construction - British Columbia, Vancouver / White Collar Crime Expert

Jun 05, 2012

Watchout! Roland is the most proficient white collar criminal I have ever met. He is so confident at this he works at lightening speed. Through my extensive years as a accomplished commercial builder I have never seen anything like this. Roland is extremely ambitious. His ambitious is used to justify and fuel his never ending plight. This are amazing characteristics. The unfortunate thing is the foundation it is built on. "Stealing" Maybe I haven't met enough people but I couldn't believe what a liar this man is. He never quits. He feels entitlement of yours and ever one else'...

Haebler Construction - British Columbia, Vancouver / Fraud

Apr 11, 2012

Watch Out! At present he has 63 lawsuits you can view these at cso Canada. He was given the company to whom his father built up for 50 years. Feeling this entitlement and little or no respect for the work it takes to built that he has endeavored to build higher profits than his father using all kinds of rip off schemes. At present he is being investigated for fraud and perjury in one case involving a trade contractor whom he swindle almost $300, 000 dollars from. It was brought to his clients attention that he was also doing it to him. The client quickly dissolved his business with him and...