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Gulf Power Complaints & Reviews

Gulf Power - Florida, Pensacola / high bills/ fuel charges

Jun 27, 2015

I also agree my electric seems to keep going up and up and got a fuel charge on the bill this month alone was more than 89.00 for a fuel charge. What does a fuel charge got to do with my electric we DO NOT have gas here nor do we have anything else that needs to be driven in to our small 2 bedroom apartment lord this apartment is over stuffed so there is not that much room to have to keep cool. We came from a very large 4 bedroom home in the country and was not paying no where near the cost that we are paying now for our small 2 bedroom this is just crazy and we are at work all day and the...

Gulf Power - Florida, Pensacola 325200017 / Exorbitant Fuel Charges


We complained to the company and to the State of Florida without an improvement in excessive fuel charges. We try to conserve energy to save our budget, but we are monthly strapped with a fuel charge that exceeds our energy charge. When gasoline was $4 a gallon the charge began, but now that gasoline is about $2 a gallon, the charge did not go away. We wish to register this complaint with the Complaints Board to see if the Board can have a positive effect on this abuse of electricity customers of Gulf Power.