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I also agree my electric seems to keep going up and up and got a fuel charge on the bill this month alone was more than 89.00 for a fuel charge. What does a fuel charge got to do with my electric we DO NOT have gas here nor do we have anything else that needs to be driven in to our small 2 bedroom apartment lord this apartment is over stuffed so there is not that much room to have to keep cool. We came from a very large 4 bedroom home in the country and was not paying no where near the cost that we are paying now for our small 2 bedroom this is just crazy and we are at work all day and the thermostat stays at the same temp at all times. And we also have a 20.00 base charge what is this for? I thought a base charge is what they charge those who do not live in their homes just to keep the electric going not something you would charge for those who live in their homes daily.. Last year on this month we only used 388 kwh but this year they have us at 1996 kwh used.. Really? how did we go up that much in one year? I read an article about switching electric companies in Forbes but really how do you do this when this is all the electric companies are separated by region so you cannot get someone else to service an apartment that is assigned to one company someone needs to do something this is madness and we can not afford to keep paying these high bills!

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Gulf Power
Pensacola, US
Jun 28, 2015 6:03 pm EDT
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Penny, can you send your account info to our email account - I will check with our energy experts to see if they can look into what's going on. The difference in your kilowatt usage does seem out of line. ~ Steve @GulfPower

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