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Gambler Tobacco Complaints & Reviews

Gambler Tobacco / the loose pipe tobacco

Dec 29, 2018

Gambler, I didn't mind the twigs I often find in your tobacco cause I liked your tobacco, it was the perfect tobacco flavor, strength and everything. It didn't burn or irritate my throat like some other tobaccos do. BUT two times in one year this bizarre odity happened while smoking that left me sick and baffled: Suddenly, as I am taking my next puff, that very puff felt like I suddenly swallowed acid, first my mouth, where it felt like I stuffed it with ice, then my lungs, oh my lungs felt like I swallowed acid and it went into my lungs I was convulsing trying to breath when I finally started...

Gambler Tobacco - Michigan, Flint / cigarette tobacco

Sep 26, 2018

I have been rolling my cigarettes for 10 + years now. The pipe tobacco has always been the cheapest. After all these years I've decided to try cigarette tobacco (gambler). It was a decision I made to save time rolling with the advertising of ready to roll, ie., no cleaning or minimal cleaning of stems, sticks large leaves and all around better quality. I started with 1 bag of tube cut gambler full flavor. The 1st bag was minimal cleaning, however, the 2nd bag was not. So I decided to spend $19.99 for the other gambler (upgrade). The bag was a waste of money as has the tube cut for $13.99...

Gambler Tobacco / pipe tobacco

Sep 6, 2018

I got to smoke half of a big today thanks to Gambler Tobacco. I am very vigilant in keeping my bag sealed from the first open so I know nothing could of crawled in and it looked to be a long dead, dried up bug. It almost looked like a meal worm but it had long legs in the front and I keep reptiles so I know it wasn't a meal worm in any of its morphing stages so I'm unsure, but I have a photo I was going to send them before I realized I can't find their contact info online. The last two bags I've purchased have had a disgusting chemical like taste that doesn't allow me to finish half a cigarette anyway tho. They may be the reason I'll quit supporting the tobacco industry 😄

Gambler Tobacco / cigarette rolling device

Feb 27, 2018

This handheld, plastic, injector is the poorest quality rolling device I have ever used. I have been rolling for over 3 years and have tried every trick in the book to, consistently, roll a decent cigarette. Having problems that I have never encountered with competing brands rollers. I will not be buying anything under this brand flag, as I had a similar experience with the tobacco last year. I see numerous complaints about quality and lack of response with this company. Good luck to you.

Gambler Tobacco - Illinois, Glenview / gambler tobacco menthol

Oct 30, 2017

My husband & I have been using gambler tabacco, tubes & even the cigarette injector for 3+ yrs. But over the past 6 mos the quality has gone down hill the prices have increased. We did change to a different injector. While making cigarettes today, this last bag of tabacco has some kinda shavings in it (either plastic or metal) we noticed sparkles on our machine at first then saw this "wad" in the bowl! * I have pictures but am unable to post them on here! Please send me another link (email) where I can attach photos.

Gambler Tobacco - Michigan, Muskegon / what's in the product

Sep 23, 2017

Last year I found newspaper pieces and you could see the letters on it where they had stuck it in the machine and made it into what it look like tobacco today I find on the 23rd of September my daughter's birthday I found plastic in the bag I had just bought from the store unopened until I got home I'm over this what are they putting in their tobacco

Gambler Tobacco - Illinois, Glenview / tobacco.. gambler red 1lb bag

Jun 19, 2017

I have been buy gambler tobacco now for months and I was happy with the product until I bought my last bag.. There was BIRD FEATHERS in my bag along with big pieces of sticks.. I couldn't get a refund because the bag was open! I I am very unhappy at this point! And feel like I should have been given my money back! This truly made me sick! Made me wonder what else has been in my tobacco I have been smoking... Totally SICK!!

Gambler Tobacco / Gambler tobacco

Jan 5, 2017

The last time I bought a bag of your tobacco I had rolled some up and found it had a strange odor when smoked. It also gave me a wierd felling. Then I discovered that the odor I smelled was marijuana. This is not cool. I had never smoked that in my life and wasn't planning to start any time soon. As the bag was still sealed from the factory, this means it was processed that way from your plant. I will no longer be buying any more Gambler tobacco.

Gambler Tobacco - Pennsylvania, Philly / Shake

Apr 11, 2013

I've been noticing more and more shake in this product every time I use it. And to make matters worse their website has no complaint and or email to do this. So I'm doing it here. I'm sure this and a buck 35 may actually get me a cup of coffee. And complaining here will be like a fart in a hurricane. But its better than nothing. I've used this product for over 4 years and it just keeps getting worse.

Gambler Tobacco - Connecticut, Cromwell / Critters in bag

Jun 29, 2011

Let me start by saying i'm new to rolling and what i found in my tabacco bag made me sick. This is only my 2nd bag of gambers tabacco, i didn't mind the twigs in the bag but today as i was rolling i notice the tabacco was moving and there was no wind of fans blowing in my house, anyway i took a closer look only to find little white worms wiggling around, i was sick just thinking i smoked three worm cigaretts today i throw the bag the filter tubs away because it made me very sick just knowing i touched and smoked worms. I know sometimes you can't get all the bugs out but that wa...

Gambler Tobacco - Wisconsin, Two Rivers / big stems


i havebeen buyin tobacco for months the last two bags that i have purchased i noticed big stems and it makes it hard to roll impossible actually

Gambler Tobacco / bags half full and tobacco gets stale


I've been roling my own for at least 7 years. The price has increase and the bags have gotten smaller and most of the time the bags don't even look full.. I buy the bag that is 3oz. which last me a week but by the time i get towards the end of the bag the tobacco does not want to roll so i end up wasting about a ounce in the bag. I feel if i purchase a 3oz bag it should stay fresh and i should be able to use the whole bag. But it jams up my rolling machine the top a matic which is not a cheap machine. I would really like a sugestion on how to keep my tobacco fresh threw out my bag ...

Gambler Tobacco - Michigan, Lincoln Park / rag weed


I'am mad as hell the tobacco mfg's are ripping us off. I roll my own cig's seems like in the last six months the mfg's have changed the cut of their tobacco it use to be long strands but now the stuff looks like its been thru a wood chipper. I get alot of stems and sticks that I have to pick out and the stuff tastes like RAG WEED. Right now I'am looking for a better brand. All these brands have changed their Tobacco Cut. RAVE GAMBLER THE GOOD STUFF and alot of others. their making the money and were smoking the GARBAGE.

Gambler Tobacco - Michigan / Poor quality, like powder


Like others here, I have been buying this product for several years, and the last several bags have had tobacco that is so fine and powdery, it's hard to roll and while smoking, can fall right out of the tube. So it's also dangerous. Won't be buying this product again.

Gambler Tobacco - Indiana, Indianapolis / Stale Tobacco


I bought a big bag of tobacco a few days ago from a tobacco store located on Kentucky Ave, much to my surprise it was the last bag they had. Later that night I went home to pack my own filtered cigarettes and i found it was very difficult to pack due to the tobacco's quality. It was sawdust, if you have a packing machine and filtered cigarettes you may already know that it needs hair's of tobacco to pack fully. I'm very unsatisfied with the fact that gambler had the nerve to waste my $22 dollars.

Gambler Tobacco / its dust u cant roll w it


ive been buying this for 3years at least and im going to switch because since the price went up the quality has drastically dropped you should ashamed, rich but ashamed. penni gates [email protected]

Gambler Tobacco - Texas, Del Rio TX / bad products


they have stopped producing a good quality product. to much stems an loose tobacco in there products now. the quality has dropped sense you cannot use all of it . there is a lot of small tobacco now which you cant use when useing the tubes it just falls out . and i have been a user for over ten years now an have seen a big change in the products an if not change will seek another supplier for my smokes.