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Fitness one Complaints & Reviews

Fitness one / Refund

May 8, 2012

Hi, I cancelled my membership on June 28, 2011 which was within the 10 days of joining the Fitness One Malvern Inc. I haven't received my money back yet. I have gone there many times to inquire and all I get is you need to contact the head office. When I went there again on February 1, 2012, I filled out another form indicating the problem which I was told that it will be faxed to the head office. I have contacted the head office numerous times, even asked my Dad to contact but nothing has been done yet. It's been way too long now and I want my money back. I don't understand why...

Fitness one - Ontario, Toronto / Lawyer - Vijai Sookhai


Notice to past Fitness One members: VIJAI SOOKHAI I have also been contacted by the NCR and the above lawyer with regards to “unpaid membership fees” for a Fitness One (Toronto, ON) membership that was cancelled approximately 3 years ago. To former clients of Fitness One who have been contacted by Vijai Sookhai, Barrister & Solicitor, please be advised that it is indicated on his letterhead that he is certified by the Law Society of Upper Canada as a specialist in the area of civil litigation. I have contacted the Law Society of Upper Canada to confirm this and he in fact, is not...

Fitness one - Ontario, Toronto / Employee NEVER PAID


I, Jessica Lundy, am filing this claim for the reason of un-paid wages and not receiving minimum wage when I was told and signed documents telling me I would be receiving minimum wage of $10.25. I haven’t received my Record of Employment or vacation pay either. It has been almost one month since I last worked for them. First off, I started working at Fitness One of May 25th, 2010. I did paid training from May 25th-31st at their Head Office (I did 25 hours in total at Fitness One Head Office). I then started at one of their clubs (the Fitness One Dufferin Mall Club) for three days (15...

Fitness one - Ontario, Toronto / Account paid in full gone to creditors


Fitness One is one of the SHADIEST companies I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. Anyone reading this, STAY FAR FAR AWAY. My girlfriend is currently dealing with an account that has been paid off for about 2 years that we are only NOW getting calls about saying she never paid them. We're getting sent back and forth between head office and the collections company, and she now has to deal with having bad credit due to this incompetent company. Our drama started back in November when my gf received a letter from the collections company. Of course, without delay, she called to...

Fitness one - Ontario, Toronto / Lost Money


I live in Canada, everything that is being said about Fitness One is 100% true. I joined and I got their deal as they call it and when my contract was up I preferred to not renew. I tried to talk to someone at the gym but when I tried to they told me I have to call the head office in the states to get them to help me. Well, ... let me tell you I called numerous times and they NEVER returned my phone calls. Yes they steal your money and add interest on top of it.. they are liers and thieves.Their head office in Concord doesn't have a customer relations dept as I sent them an email as wa...

Fitness one - Ontario, Toronto / Refund not received after 4 months


Last September ('07) I took advantage of the 10 day trial at Fitness One a the location near my home (2575 Danforth Ave) and joined on the payment plan deducting the monthly fee from my bank account. Five (5) days later, I decided I did want to join but chose to pay by credit card as it would save me money. The contract for the monthly payments was cancelled, or so I thought. For months (Sept to June) the monthly amount was being deducted from my account. When I questioned this at my location, a rep phoned the head office and determined that yes, there was a full payment in Sept. but they...