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Last September ('07) I took advantage of the 10 day trial at Fitness One a the location near my home (2575 Danforth Ave) and joined on the payment plan deducting the monthly fee from my bank account. Five (5) days later, I decided I did want to join but chose to pay by credit card as it would save me money. The contract for the monthly payments was cancelled, or so I thought. For months (Sept to June) the monthly amount was being deducted from my account. When I questioned this at my location, a rep phoned the head office and determined that yes, there was a full payment in Sept. but they were also deducting the monthly payment from my account. She was able to stop the deductions for me and cancel that membership and told me it would be 6-8 weeks before I received my refund $300+. That seemed reasonable to me.

However, here it is the end of October 4 months later and I still have not received my refund. I have called and left messsages and no one returns my call. I happened to get a real person once and her attitude with me was, I would say downright rude and not helpful at all. I emailed their customer service without any reply from them.

They do not seem interested in returning my money. I left messages that my membership expired in Sept. '08 and one of the reasons I did not renew was their poor customer service practices.

I am considering filing a small claims complaint, but that will cost me, so I am thinking about it. Perhaps other disgruntled customers of Fitness One would consider joining me in doing a class action.

I would like to know, if you can help me regarding what other avenues I might have. I have contacted my credit card company about a charge back. I would have had to do this within 90 days of the problem, but I am filing a complaint with the disputes department of my credit card company and they might try to get Fitness One to come across by threatening to do a charge back. I won't know for a while if this will be successful. I am thinking of contacting the Sun or the Star or City TV about alerting other unsuspecting clients of Fitness One, out there.

Thank you. Still trying to get my money back.


  • Je
    jessica Nov 27, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I was a member of Fitness One in 2006-07 and did not have any billing problems so I decided to sign up for the third year (’08) this year I have had NOTHING but problems! They were not billing my credit card monthly, instead they were billing me every two months and charging me a ‘late’ fee- I had to call for three days and leave 9 message before I spoke to someone and was told my credit card company was declining them- I conference my credit card company on the phone and they confirmed there was NO ATTEMPTS for them to bill me- I then said I would like to cancel my membership upon the renewal date- well come the renewal month I get another charge on my credit card for $60 (the membership is $20/mthly) I am again in the processing of trying to contact someone – I was given the number of [protected] and told that extension #226 handles all the manual billing for processing payments. I have left this extension endless voice messages (no name is given on the voice message) and have yet to receive a call back. I would never join this gym again nor would I recommend it to anyone- since they charge you a ‘late’ fee even if it’s THEIR error in not billing you properly the ‘new’ fee comes to $59/mth- do yourself a favour and sign up for a more reliable gym

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  • Sh
    Shine Jan 04, 2009

    I am a member of [censored]ness one and my sister has been scammed in their little refund policy its been more than 2 months and she hasnt seen her money yet and i have no hopes that she will but i really want some action to be taken against this facilty how can they be running a business cheat people and get by! if there is a way to write this company up i am on it.

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  • Je
    Jennifer Apr 06, 2009

    I am experiencing the same nonsense and run around with this company's Dufferin Mall club... I purchased and immediately canceled a one year's membership but, unfortunately, had paid the full membership fee at the time of signing up.

    Under the Consumer Protection Act, Supplier obligations on cancellation...
    79. (1) A supplier who is required to comply with subsection 96 (1) of the Act shall do so within 15 days after the day the consumer gives notice to the supplier in accordance with section 92 of the Act that the consumer is cancelling the consumer agreement. O. Reg. 17/05, s. 79 (1).

    The full Act can be viewed on line at

    It has been three months of unanswered calls and emails and I'm still waiting for a refund (which I was told would be processed immediately at 'head office' on canceling. After reporting the company to the Ministry of Small Business and Consumer Affairs, I finally heard back from somebody by the name of Angel (apparently Angel has no last name) and Tamara Burns who apparently work in the accounting department. You can call this number and leave a voice mail message but rarely do you ever get a live person [protected] xt. 283) and certainly don't expect a call back. You can also email Angel & Tamara at [protected] or [protected]

    I have now been advised that I will have to deal directly with another accounting firm based in Ohio! This is an independent company that is subcontracted by Fitness One to handle their accounts/receivables. I spoke with Joyce at the following number - [protected] ext 239. Joyce explained that refund cheques are cut in Ohio and then sent back to Canada to Fitness One's head office for approval and signing prior to being mailed out to the disgruntled customer. Joyce provided me with yet another number for the gal who actually writes the cheques in Ohio - [protected] – Linda.

    If anyone would like to work collectively towards some kind of resolve with this company, send me an email - [protected] - Jennifer.

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  • Ki
    KitKat May 18, 2009

    I had been a member at fitness one before, and had worked there. I used to be at the Charle's Street location right when they shut the doors. I never took up again with the gym, because the Peter Street location was too far, and I didn't want to sign another contract.

    My old contract was automatically cancelled luckily. Or so I thought. Apparently Fitness One likes to hold onto old banking information just in case they need to have money.

    I tried to pick up some part time work there and then soon discovered, from a few ex members, that the owner was getting their banking info from their cancelled contracts, and charging them. The reason being is the owner claimed their account was showing "activity." He did not contact the members to make these charges either. Alot of these charges took place several months after the gym closed, and when the member had never gone back to use the gym at all. Crooked?

    I had thought to work there again but I was disturbed by what looked like double dipping, and unauthorized charges against cancelled accounts, and managers who had a "I do not take phone calls" policy. Seriously. How do you manage a gym without taking phone calls?

    I could not work there in good conscious based on that.

    Join the YMCA. It may cost slightly more but they are not for profit and not money hungry.

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  • Sa
    sasha May 29, 2009

    I cancelled Jan 28th from Dufferin Mall -- and it's May 29th today! I still haven't received my refund. This company is corrupt!

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  • Je
    Jennifer May 29, 2009

    Hi Sasha,

    I filed a complaint with the Ministry of Small Business and Consumer Services and they wrote to Fitness One on my behalf. The company responded to the Ministry and informed them that they would courier a refund cheque immediately. It took a 2nd call from the Ministry representative and another 3 weeks but ultimately I received the refund in full.

    You should complete the online complaint form at

    You will be given a file # which you should either print or record and then you'll need to send hard copies of the following documentation (or whatever you have on hand) to the following address:

    Ministry of Small Business and Consumer Services
    5775 Yonge Street, Suite 1500
    Toronto, Ontario M7A 2E5

    1. Your purchase/contract agreement.

    2. Any correspondence between the company and you.

    3. Any receipts or financial transaction records showing payment or debit.

    4. A contract disclaimer provided by the company.

    5. Etc.

    There is about a 6 week waiting list so the sooner you complete the e-form and send Consumer Services your supporting documentation, the quicker they will be in touch.

    Good luck.


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  • La
    LadK91 Aug 17, 2009

    Two years ago I have registered to Fitness One club. During the time of sale I was unsure I needed to spend all that money, but the salesperson was pressuring me to get the 'deal' the same day before the 'sale' was over, and showed me at the contract that I am allowed to cancel my membership within 10 days for a full refund.

    Withing less than 48 hours I did cancel the membership and was told that a check will be sent to my home within a month. Two years later and still did not get the check.

    During these two years I have tried to make contact with the 'head office' many times, but no one has replied so far to the messages I have left on their voice mail or email I sent them. I have even went back to the club trying to talk to a manager, but somehow every time I get there there is no manager on site. When I have joined the club the salesperson got me a 'special deal' from the manager that strange enough was on site just that time.

    These thieves count on us people not spending our time in court for $220, and you know what - they are right. Why would I spend hours to get this little money? But, I would most definetly spend a few minutes letting everyone know about their scam!

    Not sure you want the membership? Don't trust them about the refund. Just walk away from the sales pressure. The 'special deal' would last for years, don't worry :)

    These scam artists have stole my money and kept it for two years now.

    AVOID them for your own good!

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  • Ri
    ritakhan Oct 15, 2009

    Fitness One in Canada is the same. I worked there when I found out about their internal many troubled members facing the same issue and frustration, I lost interest to work there in 13th day I quit. Please be very careful, your credit card information is still with them they will charge you even after you cancelled. If you dont pay they send your information to collection agency. At some point they double charge your card. Why isnt the governement taking acting against these crukes!!! They make the members feel helpless. Thats not right at all. Everybody must come together to sue such fraud activities.

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  • Do
    doinit Nov 15, 2009

    I could understand why you'd be upset if you wanted a refund but didn't get it back but I don't know what everyone else is complaining about. People expect to be babied and told exactly what to do. Or maybe they want someone else to work out for them? It's a fitness centre for crying out loud!! Go there, do your workout, leave. There are plenty of machines, if you don't know how to do something or wondering what machines work out a specific part of your body, ask a staff member! WHAT'S THE DAMN PROBLEM?!?!
    I joined in October...I don't have a lot of spare time but I go about twice a week and I already notice results. Rates are cheap. Staff is friendly. What more do you want? Fries?

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  • An
    angrycustomer1111 Apr 26, 2010
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    Verified customer

    Anyone has a copy of the cancellation contract?

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  • Cl
    cluong May 07, 2010

    I don't know what to do (any advice would be greatly appreciated):

    1) Signed up two years ago. Decided to cancel within a week of signing up so went to their location to have my contract cancelled. They gave me the sameBS about having to go through head office for a cheque.
    2) Never received a cheque, tried calling on multiple occassions with no response.Eventually just gave up on it. I was going off to university & decided to just take it as a lesson learned.
    3) Just yesterday, received a call from a collection agency claiming I owed Fitness One $277 for a cancellation penalty. I CANCELLED within my allowed 10 day cooling off period so there should have been no cancellation charges.

    As of right now: - I requested from the collection agency a copy of this contract I signed with this alleged fee they are trying to charge me for.

    The issue here is:
    - I never once used their facility, however, I am CERTAIN I cancelled within a week of signing up. Decided the gym membership idea had to be put on hold b/c at that time, my doctor was suspected I had a stress fracture in my spine.
    - I've moved multiple times since two years ago so I no longer have the initial contract signed nor do I have any of my cancellation papers.
    - the most I can do is go to the bank to get a transcript of me paying FitnessOne that activation fee.

    Any advice? I want to go through the Ministry of Consumer Services but I'm afraid at this point, I may not have enough documentation.

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  • Cl
    cluong May 07, 2010

    Also: just wanted to add that I really do believe there are enough people cheated by this company to launch a full class action suit and I would be completely behind this if anyone were to start one.

    I have every intention of doing so myself if this does not get sorted out properly but I know it will be more of a struggle for me to lead such a suit as a 20-year old student. Would appreciate any support - thanks.

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  • Um
    umackie May 18, 2010

    Oh i wished i had read this page before i signed up. I started in Jan of this year. I started on the 15th of the month and was told by the agent who signed me up that my next payment will be charged to my credit card on the 15th of the following month. But low and behold i was changed the first of the following month (FULL PRICE). I called and left messages to the head office numerous times and no respond. I went into the gym and spoke to their agent and she tried to contact the head office, but was not successful. I called again about 3 days later and spoke to someone there. I canceled payment on my credit care and allowed them access to my chequing account, as i believed that things had changed. Again i was charged first of the month. Second call to the head office, problem solved (naive me). Well they changed the billing date to the 15th of the month but now they took out 2 payments on the same day. Call head office again 3 times then got someone. Made changes to my account and left a note on my account saying not to withdraw any money from my chequing account until the 15th of June. But low and behold i checked my account this morning and found out that they went in and took out another payment. Being calling head office since 1000hrs today until 1700hrs and no one was available. I am still waiting to speak to we really have to go through this all the time...this is crazy...i know others are having problems at the gym right now...

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  • Cr
    crma Jun 27, 2010


    to quote, "People expect to be babied and told exactly what to do. Or maybe they want someone else to work out for them? It's a fitness centre for crying out loud!! Go there, do your workout, leave. There are plenty of machines, if you don't know how to do something or wondering what machines work out a specific part of your body, ask a staff member! WHAT'S THE DAMN PROBLEM?!?!"

    First of all, I have the same problem with biling, and second of all, don't ask the staff, they are friendly but not experienced at all, they don't know anything about training... And on top if it all, I was going to the Shoppers world location and the equipment are dinausaurs, they are actually dangerous.You start running on a treadmill and it stop sundenly...

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  • Lo
    lolaam Oct 20, 2010

    Fitness one is cheating every one, they steal their customers whenever they can.I had the same problem with them.

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  • Iw
    I won! Mar 13, 2012

    This is targeted to all persons who fitness one have continued to bill when you thought you signed up for a 1 year contract. This obv happened to me. I went there, signed a 1 yr contract and went twice. I know i signed up for 1 year so i had to live with that. I also have a bad habit of not looking at my visa statements so 8 months after my 1 yr contract ended i realized they were still billing me. I tried to contact them and no luck, they wouldnt call me back, couldnt find info on the company, wouldnt respond to emails so this is what i did.

    I looked at the Ontario Ministry of Consumer Services site which tells you your rights. When looking at the part about Gym Memberships, i realized that all contracts must end after 1 yr. There are certain conditions though, one of them is that they can continue billing if they indicate on their contract that you must cancel it in order to stop being billed. However, this was not the case, nothing noted that on the contract and nothing satisfied the conditions listed on the site so basically my contract was supposed to end after 1 yr.

    I sent them registered letters and no reply. It was extremely hard to find the address, they will not give it to you or call you back. I said i would make a complaint to the ministry if they didnt reply by a certain date and they didnt and never did. So I made the complaint, the Ministry reviewed it and I just got a cheque for 250$.

    TIP: if you want to make a complaint, make sure you document as much as possible. Emails, registered letters, a log of events about phone calls or visits to the gym. This is very helpful.

    You can contact this person at Fitness One:
    Kathy Della Chiara
    Director of Training and Recruiting
    100 Ortona Court
    Vaughan, Ontario
    L4k 0A5

    Good luck! Read your contracts and know your rights!

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  • Sh
    shelly1928 May 02, 2012

    I guess i'm one of many dealing with fitness one. My contract ended in Janurary and they are still taking payments from my account. I've called my location but cannot get anywhere with that, they gave me a number for head office but there's never anyone there, my next step is to go to my bank and fill out the necessary forms to stop payments. It just pisses me of that they can do what they do to people and get away with it. They are a bunch of thieves i wish there was something i could do to shut them down the location i went to was a total dump, it flooded out at least 3 times in 6 months then they shut it down for a month because of a mold problem, after they opened again they had to rip out the wall because of a water leaking in whenever it rained so they had a crew working with ladders and powertools all over the place, while the crew were working during business hours they expected members to work out in those conditions, not only are they thieves they are crazy as well. I went to the parkway mall location which is located downstairs so while the place was flooded out and closed down they were upstairs hanging out in the mall recruiting new members can you believe it LMAO. Well i could go on and on about fitness one but thats it for now if anyone has any ideas on how to deal with them i would like to hear them.

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  • F1
    f1scammers May 30, 2012

    Yep this gym is terrible! No one at Head Office answers their phone and they bill you after you cancelled and then claim you owe them money. .. Thanks to the poster who pointed me to the ministry of consumer rights. Some very helpful info there.
    I can't seem to reach anyone and customer service emails go unanswered. Anyone have any luck I tried the number for Kathy above as well and no luck there either. Anyone else in the same boat see some info from the consumer services site..

    All contracts must end after one year.
    Contracts may be renewed only if the supplier complies with certain rules, including:
    Providing you with a notice at least 30 days, but not more than 90 days before the contract expires, that advises that the contract will be renewed.
    Provides you with a copy of the agreement that clearly notes any and all changes.
    States that the contract will not be renewed if you notify the club not to renew the contract.

    If your membership is renewed without notice, send the company a letter asking that the contract be terminated.
    You can also demand back any money paid after the original contract ended.

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  • Ma
    mattysai Oct 05, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi I joined the Fitness One at Malvern location the end of July 2012, and the first week of September 2012 I go and find out they closed down the gym!!! Like I paid more than $200 for a full year, and signed a contract with me!! I specifically asked them what happens if you close down or bankrupt when I joined to be safe, and they laughed and said not to worry at all!! I am extremely disappointed with their service i have called many location and head office and have not received any info. I want me money back now, i am a student a $200 is alot of money for me. They called my phone everyday for 2 weeks asking me to join and they left many voicemails about their promotion, they were allmost pressurign me to take the deal b/c it was ending that week, and since it was close by to my house I decided to join.. and its been less than a month since I joined and they CLOSE DOWN THE GYM WITHOUT ANY NOTICE or reimbursement. Somebody needs to take action of them and give us our money back. cant believe things like this can happen in our country. They dont care about their members at all, i feel like they made everyone join to take all our money and run away like cowards. This is not right at all, pure fraud is happening and government needs to take action and give us our money back.

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  • La
    laura24 Mar 06, 2013
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I signed a contract with When signing the contract I was told verbally that the contract was for only a year and that if I moved and there wasn’t a gym in that location then I could cancel the contract. I also started a training contract with the gym that was only for a year under the same circumstances. My training contract ended so I was under the impression that my gym contract was going to end also. However, money continue disappear from my credit card.

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