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6:29 pm EDT
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Shapes can't use the shapes closest to my home because of my gender

I live very close to the shapes on 1325 Henderson hwy. I drive by there everyday and always see at least one MALE working out in there. I have been denied access to the facility just because of my Male gender. I feel like I shouldn't be discriminated against and be refused access to the most accessible gym closes to my home. This is a violation of my rights as a Canadian Citizen. I have asked staff working there why I can not use their facility. The only response I have recieved from all staff is that " It is a small facility so it is Womens ONLY."
You don't see schools telling boys/girls that they can not play on the playground because it is too small of a structure.

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2:40 pm EDT

Shapes Gym membership

Shapes gyms all over the north america region are scamming people for their money and I'm one of them they scam every one I'm here to seek help please help me pay them

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3:52 pm EDT

Shapes Bad business choice

I am extremely disappointed with new schedule @ Sarasota/Lakewood Ranch facility. Looks like they cancelled most of their evening classes... With my M-F day job I hardly have any choices left! I am not going to renew in July, YouFit or 24HourFitnes will be better and cheaper choice for me. Not a very smart way to run business in this economy - people with jobs are actually ones who still can afford this memberships! Classes @ Shapes were the only reason I joined this specific gym. Their equipment is outdated, you can't even listen to TV when you are on the treadmill or stairmaster. Any other gym I ever went to had better setup for "non class" workout.

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, US
Aug 29, 2012 8:49 am EDT

/20/12 6:03om s/w charnee at National fitness, I advised charnee that I am requesting cancellation of my membership eff 10/2012; charnee stated that she has the membership set to expire at the end of it’s term 7/11/2013. I advised charnee that this is not the term I am canceling. I advised charnee my current membership expires 10/2012 and it is as of that date that I want my membership canceled. I advised Charee that notice of request to cancel was hand-delivered to Shapes Total Fitness On N Dale Mabry 7/16/12 at approx 05:30

Additional Information regarding dispute.

Letter to cancel membership was hand delivered to the Spa On North Dale Mabry
On July 20, 2012 my wife received a call from Charee for my daughter to call back. At that time my wife was told that a fax confirmation had been received. When My daughter called back and asked to speak to Charee she was told that there were no notes and no fax had been received and that this Charee lady had called. The lady she spoke with Brittney told her it had to be sent certified mail.This Brittney also stated that this was a valid contract and can not be cancelled. It appears the hand delivered letter was never sent to the proper place, when the contact says must be cancelled where the membership had been paid. This Brittney lady keeps changing the rules as she sees fit. The person that the cancellation notice that was hand delivered was named Crystal at 5:30AM on Monday July 9, 2012. According to Brittney the notice was to go to corporate office. If this was the case it should state on the contract and why did Crystal Person accept the notice of cancellation request if she had no authority to do so. Each person has a different statement from the other why this contract can not be cancelled. The original reason for renewing early was She was promised a extra 3 months. However the original agreement had until October 2012 to be renewed. A E mail was to be sent that same night after two phone calls and two different reasons why the E Mail did not go through were given. E mail still has not been received The contact was printed by the same place the membership was paid for and cancelled. At that time is when the error was discovered Everything that was promised verbally to get a person to renew early, was not received as promised verbally. After speaking with the person at the spa There answer was only Corporate is the only one that can add extra months. If its true only corporate can add extra months why was this promised. It seems like dishonest business tactics just to get a person to renew early and not being able to deliver on what was told.

Workout Warrior
Sarasota, US
Jun 11, 2011 5:06 pm EDT

I am not renewing my membership after many yrs. either at the University/Lakewood Ranch (or any other Shapes for that matter). The management is EXTREMELY rude and the evening classes have been cancelled. When a sub is called in she is w/o rythm, not sure where they are finding these women to teach Zumba in order to replace all their instructors that are quitting after yrs, due to Shapes cutting their pay. The atmosphere is hostile upon entering the gym and the attitude is 'I don't care what you have to say'. You can't talk to management w/o being looked upon as a troublemaker.
Shapes is on its way out, I warn everyone to sign up/renew their memberships. There are many other gyms out there with great employees and clean, attractive equipment. Shapes is outdated, dirty, does not even provide matts, towels, papertowels etc.

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