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Farm Bureau Complaints & Reviews

Farm Bureau - Michigan, Bay City / customer service

Sep 14, 2018

How hard is it to cancel a policy, obviously extremely. The people on the phone are unable to help you and just continue to give you the run around. I talked with 4 different people and all of them said I won't help you call your agent. All I wanted to do was cancel the policy, maybe there is a reason I don't want to speak with the agency. If you would like help don't get Farm Bureau, you will be waiting a very long time.

Farm Bureau - Tennessee, Crossville / claims

Sep 23, 2013

Last year we had 2 dead trees from our neighbors fall on our chainlink fence at two different times. The first was paid for by the neighbor's State Farm Insurance. The second dead tree's owner had Farm Bureau Insurance, just like we did. Farm Bureau sided with the neighbor who told them it wasn't dead, so FB paid our claim, minus the thousand dollar deductible which went against us. I produced video of the dead tree and still the claim was against us, so I hired an arborist who stated it had been dead for quite some time. I paid the arborist $100. After further review by FB...

Farm Bureau - Tennessee, Trenton / Denied claim

Jun 17, 2013

My home burnt on March 25, 2013 while my children and I were out of town 600 miles away and our exchanged student was in Chicago ill. The house was ruled as electrical by the local city fire dept, but the investigation obtained by Farm Bureau stated an unknown cause of origin. After 3 months of getting no where and using a service that is registered with the better business bureau, I have had to hire an attorney to represent me. I have 2 children whom are 12 and 8, and our house fire was a complete loss. I had had 110, 000 in insurance until 3 years prior when we had a pool installed and our...

Farm Bureau - Texas, Temple / unethical

Apr 19, 2012

This has got to be THE worst insurance company I have ever had the unfortunate pleasure of dealing with. They insure unsafe drivers who blow through stop signs causing you thousands of dollars worth of damages. Then when they receive a police report that clearly states that their policy holder is at fault, they take absolutely no responsibility for damages. One in particular, Ms. Christine Warren who stated "police reports are just opinions, we don't pay attention to that.", great customer service honey. They basically tell you you're ### out of luck and to have a nice day.

Farm Bureau - Tennessee, Columbia / Car Accident

Jul 15, 2011

Like many others on this forum, I too experienced poor customer service from Farm Bureau. If I was looking for an insurance company, I would not NEVER USE FARM BUREAU AS MY CARRIER. I was involved in an auto accident (not my fault) with a driver insured with Farm Bureau. Farm Bureau did not contact me regarding the claim and left all the work up to me to repair my car. After making the initial call, I was asked THREE different times to submit information about the car, including estimates and even taking my own pictures of the damage. This was all through email. I never received a call, a...

Farm Bureau / Atempting to not pay my claim

Jun 21, 2011

I recently had a b&e on my barn and I had a $16, 500.00 loss .The agent was told at the time I bought my home owners policy that I was a retired mecanic and I had alot of tools and equipment !.They told me I had $100, 000..00 coverage for the contents of that barn ?.Now that I have filed the claim they now tell me that since they were once yoused in a buisness that all they have to give me is $1, 000:.00 and I have a $1, 000..00 dollar deductable !. these people are con artists !!!I will be getting a new insurance company ASAP '.Ps the insurance I have is replacement cost insurance

Farm Bureau - South Carolina, SELLERS / CANCEL POLICY


I had multiple policy with farm bureau and had a house fire in sept 2009. It took them 8 months to settle the claim and that was after having to get a lawyer involved. Now if that is not enough I received a letter in the mail saying they are canceling my auto policy after a yr after claim due to excessiver loss. I cant believe after paying my policy for 10yrs and this is how they handle their customers. I will never recommend this insurance company to anyone.

Farm Bureau - Texas, Fort Worth / Home Invasion - No Coverage


Our home in Ft. Worth, Tx was recently burgalarized. The door was kicked in, jewelry in excess of 10, 000 was stolen as was a gun collection worth 5, 000. I've just now learned, that my so-called insurance on household contents is virtually worthless. There is a 500.00 limit on jewelry, which is nothing and the excessive loss does not even count towards my deductable. I was certainly never made aware of this, in fact, I have never even been contacted by an agent since I originally purchased my home. I pay over 2, 000 a year insurance. My deductable is $5430 . So after paying out nearly...

Farm Bureau - Texas, Kerrville / problems with adjuster


Today December 3, 2008, I took all of my medical records and bills to Mr. Hopper here in Kerrville, TX. His secretary Susan was making the copies of these papers, she called him and asked if he wanted to talk to us. Well he came up to the front and asked Susan which stack was his and she said this one over there, she wants the originals and he said that was fine. As he proceeded to read something in the paperwork he started a conversation about when he would work my claim. He said that he had ten claims ahead of me and it would be probably next week before he could get to it and if it was any...

Farm Bureau - Michigan, Macomb County / Failed to Pay on Home invasion


It has been a year and a half since our home was broken into in December 2006, 3 days after Christmas i might add. We have been with Farm Bureau for over 5 years and we also insure our cars with them. Immedietly after our home invasion we called our insurance company and filed a claim for all of the damages in the home and for everything we had lost. The night of the burglary we were told by the police to write everything down that we could remember that had been stolen from the home. Photographs were also taken of everything that night. In the next few days one of Farm Bureaus representative...

Farm Bureau - Georgia, Union Point / won't pay claim


I've been with Farm Bureau for ten years, my car has been vandalized, Someone had put sand in my gas tank and poured sand straight in my oil fill tube. I have full coverage insurance and yet they are giving me the run around about paying, I've called several times no return calls all week, I get the 'just stepped outside or their on the phone with a client. I feel like I'm doing their foot work. getting police reports, estimates. The adjuster said that sand will not harm my engine, it was just a coincidence. I didn't believed that, the engine was in excellent condition. I...

Farm Bureau - Missouri, Jefferson City / house fire, denied claim


Our house burned on 7/9/2003. farm Bureau delayed our claim for six months, then denied it and sued us for not providing requested documents, and for misrepresenting our losses. Their suit lingered on for a year, so we filed a suit against them for Breach of Contract and vexatious refusal to pay. Farm Bureau used delay tactic after delay tactic, and finally on 11/6/2006, after over three years with out any money received we settled for less than half of our claim. Only after we settled did we learn that Farm Bureau had over 167 other law suits with their policyholders just like ours. We...

Farm Bureau / Delaying tactics to avoid payment of claim


In March of 2005 I was rear-ended on the freeway in Atlanta, Georgia. I was passing through during traffic on my way to visit relatives. I live in Charleston, S.C. and had been on the road for about four hours when I encountered rush hour traffic in Atlanta. Traffic came to a complete stop and I had to stop quickly. After coming to a complete stop I was hit from the rear by a Ford Excursion traveling at approx 45mph. The driver was insured by Farm Bureau of Georgia. The driver of the Ford Excursion was sited and we exchanged information. I contacted my insurance company (Geico) and he...

Farm Bureau / Dropped My Collision over $25


Farm Bureau drafts my account monthly for my insurance premium. I did not know that I needed to pay a $25 membership fee from last year. I went into the office over the summer and they said nothing to me about the $25. On Sep 1st of this year, Farm Bureau dropped my collision On Sep 1st of this year but I was not notified. I was in a wreck on Oct 20th and totalled my car. Farm Bureau has denied my claim because I did not have collision. The accident was my fault. Is there anything I can do???