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Farm Bureau review: problems with adjuster 2

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Today December 3, 2008, I took all of my medical records and bills to Mr. Hopper here in Kerrville, TX. His secretary Susan was making the copies of these papers, she called him and asked if he wanted to talk to us. Well he came up to the front and asked Susan which stack was his and she said this one over there, she wants the originals and he said that was fine. As he proceeded to read something in the paperwork he started a conversation about when he would work my claim. He said that he had ten claims ahead of me and it would be probably next week before he could get to it and if it was any earlier then he would do it. Well then he proceeded to tell me that my insurance company is taking Farm Bureau to ARBITRATION and they want to fault his insured 100%. He was not happy. He told me that because of this, he would only pay a percentage of this claim and that was based on his findings. Let me step back, earlier when we started this whole thing, he told my husband and I that he would only pay a percentage of my husbands claim because he was only forty percent responsible for my husbands claim. Now at the same time he also said that with my claim that he would pay one hundred percent of it because I was the innocent party of this accident because I was the passenger in our vehicle. The whole thing is that now that I have proof that the accident caused me to have the second surgery he is changing his mind on how much he is gonna pay me. I had to have a second surgery on my shoulder because of this accident and he said that i needed to prove that the accident caused this. The treating doctor and the physical therapist both have throughout there notes taht this caused the second surgery. My husband and I were both witnesses on both accounts.

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San Antonio, US
May 08, 2010 11:55 pm EDT

Your complaint is poorly written, and I am unable to understand exactly what it is that you are complaining about.

, US
Dec 02, 2009 7:31 am EST

farm bureau ins. has turned into the mafia claims adjuster allucci of lumpkin co.

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