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Farm Bureau review: house fire, denied claim

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Our house burned on 7/9/2003. farm Bureau delayed our claim for six months, then denied it and sued us for not providing requested documents, and for misrepresenting our losses. Their suit lingered on for a year, so we filed a suit against them for Breach of Contract and vexatious refusal to pay. Farm Bureau used delay tactic after delay tactic, and finally on 11/6/2006, after over three years with out any money received we settled for less than half of our claim. Only after we settled did we learn that Farm Bureau had over 167 other law suits with their policyholders just like ours. We learned to late that if you can hold on financially and get your case to a jury you can win. We found that the few who could hold out won their cases. Farm Bureau uses the policy of beating down people who refuse to take their small settlement offers. We started a website called to fight back. and try to get our claim paid, but to date we have not been successful. The information on our website may have helped some other Farm Bureau policyholders with their claims. At least we hope so. Lucky Gash

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