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Ezykit Complaints & Reviews

Ezykit / Totally crazy


I entered into 30 days trail of Ezykit, which they advertised themselve of working from home package provider to work/run a business online. The trail fee at the time I purchased was only $1.11; which I thought it was worth a try. But there were two transactions following that first trail payment, first was $90.25 and then $27.82. I tried to contact this compay/organization, but there is no any detail on the internet. No even invoices emailed/sent to me. This is totally crazy. I called my bank and told them the situation, but not much they could do. I hope someone can advise how can I stop this.

Ezykit / Multiple surprise charges


Wow!!! ok— I just had to make a lot of calls today after checking my account & finding multiple surprise charges... thought this might be helpful to all of you out there that have gotten "suckered" like me... If you order (ed) from dazzle white (also known as dazzlesmile and other names) - - beware!!! You will need to cancel your dazzle white account (or you will be charged $79-ish each month) Also... as I just found out today... they say it's in the fine print (of course)... you will be enrolled in 3 other "free-trials"... for me, they showed up as "wellbhealth", "elitepack", and "ezykit"... All...

Ezykit - Ontario, Kirkland Lake / theft


Good day. I have not been an internet user for a long time, and only recently made my first purchases online. Imagine my dismay to see three withdrawals from my bank account, without my consent or knowledge. I have not been advised of any purchases. The details are as follows - not aware if this is one company or three. Please help. EZYKIT $7.71 Ref# 51307792620; ULTIFRESHWELL $63.87 Ref# 51307792610; & ULITMATEFITPARTNER.CO $7.51 Ref# 852034492609. Will you be able to retrieve these monies on my behalf? Thank-you. 3

Ezykit / unauthorized charge


My account was charged $7.07 for something called EzyKit. Don't know who, what, or why being charged.