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Equity Accelerator / Mortgage Payment scam

May 21, 2011

EQUITY ACCELERATOR IS A SCAM! No matter which bank or mortgagee you deal with! Probably the paperwork you got made it sound like it was part of your bank but it is not! The company is a seperate entity owned by Western Union (do a WHOIS search of the company name). Even though it seems your mortgage payments are made to your mortgagee, they are not. EA takes the bi-weekly payments, uses your money (for which you pay a fee of $2.50 each payment plus the initial enrollment fee), then remits to your mortgagee only once a month. The only benefit to this program is the the 13th monthly payment...

Equity Accelerator / Lie to their customer

Jul 25, 2012

i received a letter from the company regarding their Equity Accelerator program; I called in and spoke with the sales rep on the program, and was told I am qualified for the program and he gave me the details on how much I can save if I enrolled this program. yesterday I received a welcome letter from the company, on the letter I was asked to pay the mortgage bi-weekly and the numbers was more than $100 each payment than what I was told last time. This company was lied to their customer.