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EMillionaire Complaints & Reviews

EMillionaire - Georgia, Savannah / lying,decieveing


To whom this may concern. I sent for your cd, r whom ever's cd this is! to odviously try to increase my income in anyway. and when i did, afew days later a recieved a phone call from one of the reps there, stating that once i had!! received the cd. that 30 days later i would begin to have charges against my card.I then and there stated that i could not afford any moneys deduced from my account at all.i just couldn't at this time. and this gentelman then asured me that i had at lease 30 days to make a decision to continue r i said ok, and that would i look it over as soon as i...

EMillionaire / Scam


I've been ripped of by Emillionaire too. If I'd seen that name I never would have authorised a small payment for information because a name like that really screams scam. What I saw was an ad through Facebook mentioning Google and offering information about how to make money through Google. It said nothing about a get rich quick scheme, just that you could earn an income with info from this kit. Stupid me!!!

EMillionaire - Saskatchewan, Canora / Fraudulent billing of my credit card


On Feb 14/09 I saw an ad on Facebook telling me I could make extra cash at home typing. Curious I gave the cc info and paid the 1.95US 2.49 CDN to see what was on the other side. Guess wasn't to type at home at all. I called not more than an hour later to cancel and they said I will send you an email confirming cancellation. I never got it!! I send several emails and none would go though came back FAILURE. On March 6th the charged me 62.08 CDN ...HOLY COW...I called and ripped the CSR a new butt!! I called my CC fraud squad and they are on it. I will be getting my monies back...

EMillionaire - Ontario, Toronto / Scam Artists


Hey guys, Emillionaire...Scam huge scam nothing to do with google and now that i've got sucked of only 2.48 cdn i had to cancel my credit card, and want everyone to know this is the way emillionaire gots the millions from suckers like me. Sham on google for letting this company pretend to be associated with them