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Ember Inns Complaints & Reviews

Ember Inns / service/food

Jul 29, 2017

Selly Park Tavern – Ember Inns 28/07/2017 Service: was rather shambolic the bar person was not attentive did not smile show any warmth and was not welcoming, lack of eye contact. Food: apart from the calamari which we enjoyed the rest of our meals was dreadful. The crispy duck was a soggy brown goo in a stall salad, the plaice was served on unappetising slices of boiled potatoes with stringy asparaguses. The Plaice, that did not smell very fresh, was garnished with chewy prawns, all in all a thoroughly unenjoyable meal. No one checked our satisfaction during the meal and when someone came to...

Ember Inns / Food and service

Nov 30, 2015

went to the woodmans in Ashtead on Saturday the28/11/2015 for some food with friends wish we had not bothered. after ordering we waited 25 minutes for our starters which came out in two lots, and then between the starter and main we waited 45 min, this came out in three sets over ten min. and then my wife and another wife ordered dessert which did not turn up we requested a refund which we got, but at no time was there an apology of any sort. this pub was rubbish and so was the management running it

Ember Inns / poor service, lack of staff etc

Jan 3, 2014

I went to an ember inn (the gate in northwood, middlesex) for a lunchtime meal on 1st January 2014 at 1.15pm with 4 friends. We hadn't met for about 2 months and we were all looking forward to the meal. We were told when we ordered the food would be a half an hour wait, which was fine. We assumed we would be eating by the latest 2pm. We ordered two sandwich meals and tree jacket potatoe meals. After waiting until 2.15pm we asked where our food was, the poor waitress (the only one on the floor) rushed our meals to us saying she was very sorry but had no help. The sandwich meals were fine...

Ember Inns - England, West Yorkshire, Guiseley Leeds / Lack of choice

Nov 5, 2012

We visited the ember inn guiseley on Friday the 2 nd of November. We placed our order at 6pm, we were told our choice of starter was out of stock, we choose another, my husband asked if anything else was out of stock, we were told no. After 5mins we were approached and told that my husbands main course was also out of stock, we re ordered. After 10 mins once again approached to be told that main course was also out of stock. We re ordered again. We were offered a free dessert or drink. Our food duly arrived, again after 5 mins a waitress appeared with 2 items of food that had been missed off our plate. I can t believe Thayer so much food was out of stock at such an early time. This is not good enough!.

Ember Inns - England, West Midlands, Walsall / unauthorised payment taken from card

Mar 26, 2012

Myself and my family when in for a meal on mothers day and paid by debit card. Two days latter a unauthorised payment was taken out of my account. I went and discussed it with the manager of the pub and she found the copy of the transaction and it said it had been signed for but not by me. We have not used the pub for years its seems a little suspicious to me especially when the payment was taken on the day off of the manager of the pub. So beware any locals check your bank accounts if you have used this pub.

Ember Inns - England, Hertfordshire, St Albans / rude ignorant bar manager

Feb 12, 2012

As a large family in chiswell green st albans we have been drinking in the three hammers for over thirty years. Recently a new manager has taken over the pub and has been very rude and ignorant to members of my family even to my uncle who is eighty two years of age. Every christmass for as long as i can remember the family would join eachother for a drink at the hammers, this year we promised never to return to the hammers again, due to bad service, rude and ignorant attitude from the bar manager. Recently an uncle visited us an demanded to be taken to the three hammers for a drink...

Ember Inns / Poor Service, cold surroundings

Aug 29, 2011

As a party of four we visited The White Horse, Gtreat Baddow, Chelmsfod Essex on Monday 20 December at approximately 12.51 pm, your staff were very nice, pleasant, helpful. However your premises was extremely cold everywhere with just the very basic of heating facility on. It was particularly cold in the dining area where we were seated for 90 mins which made it very unwelcoming, some of the staff were even standing in front of the tiny fire in the bar area! The food was also of a very poor standard with minimal portions, one meal was stew & dumplings which was served up in what seemed like a...

Ember Inns - England, Avon, Bristol / Bloody awful

Mar 26, 2011

This is the original email I sent making the original comments... The reason I've been forced to do this is because ALL the emails (5 no) Have come back " undelivered Daemon Failure" What a great way to treat good/ regular customers? I wonder now if I'll get a response??? I don't think so!!! I’m emailing you to advise you of events at “The Sandringham“ Quakers Rd, Downend. Bristol. As a regular at the Sandringham for many years and being a fairly regular complimentary correspondant to you. I’m afraid I have to mail you with a very bad report. I arranged...

Ember Inns / food

Jan 24, 2011

use the dog about 2 / 3 times per month just for saturday lunch, the wife and i just like to have a bite to eat and relax for a an hour, this was always a pleasurable experiance until now, we walked in on saturday 22nd January to find it has changed, now part food part pub (not so friendly now) and the prices had gone up by about 50% which is a joke as the pub had no atmosphere, very cold (the lady next to us sat with her coat over her like a blanket) and then the food arrived, my favorite fish and chips. The food looked great on the plate but fish was full of bones, not just a couple, full...

Ember Inns - England, Greater London / Vouchers


Don't even bother to print out the vouchers for Mitchell & Butler's Ember Inns, you go into the pub, present your vouchers, and hey presto! You can't use them, because, apparently, the tills have not been set up to accept them. I am getting really fed up with Corporate eating. I have now managed to find out how to complain to Mitchell & Butler ([email protected]). If I get a reply (which I doubt, you don't usually). I'll let you know.

Ember Inns / poorly cooked food


My wife and myself live in Mablethorpe some 25 miles from the rose &crown grimsby, we have enjoyed many meals in the pub and have always looked forward to going there, but after our meal on friday 26 march it will be along time before we go back. I dont know if the chef as changed but the food was very poorly cooked.

Ember Inns - England, West Midlands, Coventry / Bad food and Service


Once again we visited an Ember Inn, this is 2 visits to different houses in 2 months. Sad to say the experience was a complete waste of time. Our recent visit was to The Holyhead Coventry on 22nd Jan at 12.00 . previous visit, already complained about was to The Burnt Post Coventry 16th Dec 2009 12.00 The waitress was at the very best Hostile and Aggressive and reminded me of a Rottweiler . The order which was printed on a piece of paper and read out to us, was bought to the table with many incorrect items on the order. The food was either very overcooked, cold, undercooked or...

Ember Inns / Simply awful


I visited the Hardwick Arms in Sutton Coldfield with my wife in January 2009. The pub was cold and we over heard a gentleman customer inform the lady manager about this and she told him to go home then. My wife mentioned the food was served warm and not hot. The lady manager who was dresses very untidy grabbed the food off the table and stormed off to the kitchen, did not say a word and brough the food back about 4 minutes later without an aplology. We got up and walked out.