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Econo Lodge Complaints & Reviews

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Econo Lodge - Colorado, Estes Park / Disgusting-False Advertising

La Rinda Ralston-Sterling on Jun 14, 2016
The date of the incident was 6-11-2016 and we booked a room at the Econo Lodge in Estes Park. We rented the room because we were told there was a pool and hot tub (obviously closed for years) and a nice property. This place was disgusting and no one should be forced to stay there. The tiles in the bathroom were cracked so it would pinch the bottom of your foot if you stepped on it wrong, the shower was so dirty I wouldn't let my kids bath in it, the carpet was filthy with no sign of a vacuum, the ceiling fan was so dirty we couldn't turn it on, there is no cable provided in the room...

Econo Lodge - Indiana, Fort Wayne / unprofessional

A. Smiley on May 14, 2016
I had a birthday party for my daughter and we stayed one night at Econolodge. I allowed her to invite some friends to come and hang out for a few hours and have been constantly harassed by the manager (I think his last name was Patel). Because there are more than four in my room, momentarily he felt the need to tell the teenage girls that if they do not leave, he is going to call the police and have them escorted out. Never again will I stay at Econolodge. These girls have been in the room the whole time, not being loud and we did not receive any calls from management.

Econo Lodge - Georgia, Conyers / Service

Lynn Newlin on Dec 7, 2015
Dates: 12/1/15 & 12/2/15 1. 2nd day no towels/washcloths provided until we complained. 2. 1 small wastebasket provided. 3. TV picture fuzzy. 4. bathtub faucet constantly dripping 5. 1st day bathroom dirty...not swept. 6. no coffee packets provided until complained. 7. commode extremely hard to flush...and loose. 8. hair dryer did not work. 9. no extra blankets 10.no iron or board. 11.carpet had black stains. 12.on 2nd day left trash...pizza boxes, empty water bottles..had to request trash bags to pick up trash. Econo Lodge (Ga947)

Econo Lodge - Iowa, Newton / Stolen credit card numbers

Reviewer79310 on Oct 16, 2015
myself & 3 friends stayed at econo lodge in newton iowa . 3 of us used our credit cards to pay for the rooms . after being home for just over a week we had all 3 been contacted separately by our credit card fraud division . all of us have different card companies . we were told our cards had be compromised & someone tried to use them at a store in new york to make over $500 purchases . the only place we used our cards was at econo lodge, so that is where our card numbers were stolen from . i don't know if the owners of the hotel were responsible or if they were hacked but that is definately where it originated .

Econo Lodge / Room condition

Reviewer43464 on Aug 19, 2015
We stayed at the Ocono Lodge in Lacrosse, WI. September 16 & 17th. The beds had tears in the sheets, no toilet paper holder. The room smelled. Our bathroom was not cleaned for the second day. I had to ask for towels at 4:00 when we got back to the room. We were put in a room near the back door. We did not know this was an area to take dogs out and to smoke. Several young people congregated outside the door to smoke and would not move to let us in or out. I would think they would put us in an room away from people who had dogs. We will never stay at the Econo Lodge again.

Econo Lodge - Connecticut, Groton / Unfair policy / website mistake

MNes on Jul 1, 2015
Booked online, got email, was wrong location! Called within 10 minutes of booking and choice hotels and econo lodge groton unwilling to help in any way! Plus, econo lodge didn't speak english and said doesn't understand, can't help!!! Least to stay vacation ruined!!

Econo Lodge - Georgia, McDonough / would not let me get my money back

snrcf21dkpjr52209 on Jan 30, 2014
I got the room around 7:00pm and paid cash. I only got the room because i had nowhere else to go. I went in my room and left everything the same way it was i just got on my cell phone to try and find somewhere else to stay. I got in touch with someone so when i tried to get my money back; which was 46.00 he said he would give me the money back he just wanted to check the room first so we walked to the room and he tracked snow in the room and said it was me then said the room was used just because i sat on top of the sheets on the bed then he tried to say that i was there for 2 to 3 hr...

Econo Lodge - Georgia, Thomasville / Nasty, Noisy and Unsafe Hotel

lawnboy1952 on Nov 18, 2012
In my 50 years of staying at Hotels and Motels, this Econo Lodge is the worst I have ever experienced. From the moment I entered my room, which was early in the day, I heard a massive amount of dogs constantly barking from a nearby dog shelter. Then numerous shady and questionable looking people were going room to room visiting each other and being very loud. I tried to sleep all afternoon, but was not possible with all the noise. I left and came back at dark and the noise with the people going room to room making noise continued. I finally went to the front desk at 11:30 PM and told the clerk...

Econo Lodge - North Carolina / Lack of Cleanliness and more

NomoreEconoLodge on Apr 10, 2012
On April 1st, 2012 my family and I checked in to the Econo Lodge in Henderson, NC. We stayed in rooms 210 and 212, we were there for a funeral. Both rooms were a disgrace. Room 210, a king size room had a filthy bath tub. You could see the dirt stains on the tub, the shower wall and the shower curtain. Room 212 was just as bad. All of the beds, the king and the doubles in room 212 had dirty bed spreads on them. The bedspread in 210 was not only dirty on the top when I pulled it down to turn in for the night I found what appeared to be dried up pie crust. Just disgusting. There was no tissue in...

Econo Lodge - Florida, Kissimmee / Customer Service/Cleanliness

diane karavolos on Apr 3, 2012
Greetings, I booked a room on priceline.com and I am a choice hotel member. When we arrived at the hotel the desk clerk said I was not eligible to use my points to go towards the room because I booked it on line. Well, I have done this many times before and never was an issue. Is this a new policy? Then we get to the room and there was a dirty towel hanging on the door and tub had not been cleaned. Called front desk she sent someone to the room we had stepped out but all they did is get the towel. Then, turn tv on and it was all snowy. Had to have the maint. person come fix that. Go to eat...

Econo Lodge - Oklahoma, Norman / Terrible Maintence and Equally Bad Supervisor

jamiestewart on Feb 29, 2012
I booked this hotel through AAA to visit a friend, thought it would be okay for 3 nights. WRONG. Thursday, we checked in. Girl at the front desk, Judy, seemed nice and had us paid and room keyed in 5 minutes. Upon entering the room, the carpet's old, stale smell was outrageous. My friend's also comforter had white stains on top of it. Bathroom was OK aside from a brown-yellowish stain in the tub floor and a hole punched in the back of the door. Friday night, I was dyeing my hair when I saw something crawling into my friend's luggage. I thought it was harmless but called the...

Econo Lodge - Florida, Orlando / Rude manager

francisd on Jun 20, 2011
I tried to check-out on June 16, 2011. When I got to the desk there was no one in line and there were 2 persons behind the counter. I walked up to one of them and she rudely dismissed me stating that I go back to the ropes and wait until I am called. Now remember there is no one in line. I waited 5 minutes while another 4 persons gave from the back office (a total of 6 persons) chatting & carrying-on. I went back to the person and stated as to why I was not being helped. She remarked if you don''t like it give me your keys and leave. I asked for a receipt to which she said you have...

Econo Lodge - Maryland, Princess Anne / Invasion

Juliabe on Jun 19, 2011
To whom it may concern: I would like to make a legitimate complaint out my stay/ experience at the Econo Lodge, located at 10936 Market Lane Rt. 13 South, Princess Anne, MD 21853. It was one the creepiest and very intimidating situations ever. The main desk employee/owner was pleasant, but the non-employee older man who apparently was related to the front desk employee, continued to stalk my every move. To the point were he deactivated my room card; stating I thought you were checking out. I stated, “ it is only 9am”???” Please reactivate it”- and so he did. Shortly...

Econo Lodge - Illinois, Carbondale / Horrible Experience

skpantehr on May 26, 2011
My husband and I booked a non-smoking room with a king bed for three nights about four days in advance of our stay, through hotels.com. We chose this hotel over others we'd had good experiences with before because they emphasized an indoor pool. Upon arrival, we discovered the pool out of order (they were still de-winterizing it), we thought we could deal with that disappointment, but were then shown into a SMOKING room, which was unacceptable, and then a two full size bed non-smoking which was all they had apparently. After a 10 hour drive and hauling our luggage to several different...

Econo Lodge - Florida, Kissimmee / cancellation

Lisa Langworthy on Apr 15, 2011
I had made a reservation to stay there for sat 4-9-11 on 4-8-11 at 6 pm I called to ask to cancel or a credit for reschedule as my mother has a heart condition and was going with us to disney to celebrate my 8 yr olds birthday- when i came home she was experiencing severe chest pains and i had to attend to her and was calling 2 hrs too late to cancel-the manager michael was very rude and unsympathetic and i was charged anyway- did not make for a very happy birthday all the way around -between my mother, the hotel etc is there anything you can do to help me out? please! thank you -Lisa Langworthy I can be reached at 321-362-1259 or lisasmagic61@yahoo.com

Econo Lodge - Texas, Richardson / Cancellation Policy

K Daniels on Feb 7, 2011
I booked a room with EconoLodge 2458 N. Central Expressway, Richardson, TX 75080, scheduled to check in on Feb 5, 2011, due to the weather in my city, I wasn't able to make the trip... being that there was bad weather there in TX they should have understood flight cancellations &/or unsafe traveling conditions... I called Fri & spook w/ cleark at front desk he said they haven't laxed the cancellation policy, I explained the situation he was like he can't do anything & refused to give me the # to the corporate office. I called at least 4 times on Sat, no one ever picked up...

Econo Lodge - Washington, Wenathcee / Customer Service

Stay was horrible. After we checked in we went up the room to check it out. There were outlets hanging out of the wall, the handles for the drawers were broken off, the window in the bathroom was off track. Ok, no biggie for JUST one night. We went about our business and did what we had to do and came back later on. We then went to use the pool. The pool was SO COLD that my 9 yr old would not even get in. But they say it is regulated to inspection and passed. We went back upstairs to our room to find sugar ants in the bathroom. They were coming out a small hole behind a garbage can. The next...

Econo Lodge - California, Monterey / money missing from account

this hotel took 150.00 from my account and said we were smoking in the room which we were not as we had our children and grandchild with us I am appalled we would never put our children in danger of second hand smoke we did smoke outside which was allowed as there were signs and ashtrays outside that said smoking permitted on premises they refused to give me my money back so I have opened a claim with my bank I have filed a complaint with the hotel and have sent a letter to the better business bureau I should have filed a complaint for false advertisemnet the photots online made the hotel look...

Econo Lodge - Kentucky, London / Horrible Service and staff

Stay away from this place! Broken Air conditioners, lousy internet service and owners who are beyond rude! They play lets make a deal with rates (low for some, scamming others) and will throw you off of the property if you complain. Desks clerks are rude and unprofessional. The old Indian lady who owns the place will simply make you leave if you have a complaint about ANYTHING including maintanance. Rip off!!

Econo Lodge - New Mexico, Albuquerque / billing

My wife and I stayed at this motel on July 28, 2009 for 1 night. I requested a smoking room upon check-in and the desk clerk said it was so. When I got home the next day, I had a message on my phone that they were charging my card $175 for smoking in a non-smoking room. My wife attempted to contact the manager, but never could. She then contacted the corporate office and they assured us there would be NO charges. On January 1, 2010, I checked my bank balance and guess what? They charged my card $175 on December 31, 2009! My wife called the motel and talked to the desk clerk who was very rude to...
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