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Dr. Anil R. Shah, MD Complaints & Reviews

Dr. Anil R. Shah, MD / plastic surgery

Jul 28, 2019

A big time fraud doctor, lies about his techniques, a big lier and cheater. should be in Jail. Lied to me about how he will perform the surgery. spoke everything in my favor and what I wanted to hear at the time of consultation. But he got the money and my signatures on the surgery form, his attitude changed and he started jumping and did whatever he wanted. He is crazy, a drug addict. Needs to be in jail.

Dr. Anil R. Shah, MD / Rhinoplasty

Mar 12, 2017

On May 31st, 2012 I got my Rhinoplasty and septoplasty surgeries done from Dr. Anil Shah (845 N Michigan Ave #934e, Chicago, IL 60611), I had a first consultation from him 3 months before that and I was living in New jersey back then. I spent the money on all the tests he asked me to do, took a flight from New jersey to Chicago, spent all the money to book the hotels and ordering the food after the surgery. It was a big risk and a chance I took as I was very conscious about my looks, I counted on him, he told me about the shape he is going to give to my nose and we did the whole planning...