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Discount Savings Club Complaints & Reviews

Discount Savings Club / unauthorized credit card charges

Jun 10, 2017

A few weeks ago, I was stupid enough to call in National Magazine Exchange because I had received a letter saying I could get a chance to win some money. I was broke and believed in it without googling about first, idiot. Anyway, they kept telling me that to enter in the sweepstakes that there was no purchase necessary and I was alright with that. That's when she started throwing a deal on magazines at me and that I would only have to make small monthly payments and I was dumb enough to agree. After that, she transferred me to her manager to make sure I was satisfied. The manager was just a...

Discount Savings Club / They'll insult you after they get your money

Nov 23, 2015

All a scam, they are not accredited by the BBB, so don't deal with them. They will insult you if they see you're not interested. Heck! they'll insult you after they get your money! I suggest Lawyer up get a class action lawsuit started, if you can track them down, MN, FL (clear Water) who knows? Do not give them your info. They will save you $0! I repeat $0! in fact it'll cost you. just report their scams and anyone finds their office???? make it public..

Discount Savings Club / Bogus

Aug 19, 2011

Savings! You'll save at the best...your key to savings. So you go to the website and start checking for savings within 35 miles, savings online and you get the usual 10% off or "get discount" link takes you to the Office Depot website! What crud. Here's what I kept finding: "Sorry, there are no current available offers for this area." After a half dozen of these messages I realized - SCAM!

Discount Savings Club - Florida, Seminole / not what it was preported to be !

Mar 6, 2011

this club is not what it preports to be and now I cannot seem to contact them to cancel the offer as I was told I could !

Discount Savings Club - Florida, Seminole / they continue to violate bank account


these crazy people were told to remove unwanted charges last month, when out of the blue this company charged my account 19 99, the bank kicked it back as fraud, then 21.99, same thing, then 99.99 and the bank did not kick it back they took it, so they went and put through another 22.99, i have never heard of these people and they are so very fraudulant, they are putting in checks to an account that does not even have checks, whats up, i now have to go close my account, they should be procecuted

Discount Savings Club / Scam and charges to checking account


They called on my work phone and harrassed me until i was finally able to get them off the phone. I have no idea what was said. A week later, charges start appearing on my checking account every other day from different "savings clubs". I call each one separately but have no idea how many are going to show up or how they got my bank account information.

Discount Savings Club - Florida, Pinellas Park / incorrect contact information


This offer was piled on with another by an overzealous, fast-talking telemarker who just did not understand "no!" The packet sent contained a number for an answering machine with a repeated reffal to a bogus website. So I could not cancel for 30 days. When a charge appeared on my bank statement with this phone number I called. After turning down offers, the customer servicer finally agreed to refund the charge. IT was a very frustrating experience. I hope that any other consumer encountering this problem can be reffered to the proper number for service.

Discount Savings Club - Florida, Seminole / I did not sign up for the club


! ! ! Warning ! ! ! Consumer be warned ! ! ! Warning ! ! ! The discount savings club company is committing fraud ! I received a phone call with a woman "claiming" to be from my credit card company (Name omitted) . She signed me up for a free gas card and some trial stuff, the whole time with me saying "no, i do not want this! I don't care if the gas is free - i don't want to be signed up!" I finally had to be more than rude and tell her i didn't want: (1) the "free" $50 gas card (2) the saving club membership (3) the "free" 100 gas card (4) the trial life insurance...