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Diggers Pool Services Complaints & Reviews

Diggers Pool Services - Illinois / Pool Linner 25 Guage


My pool liner of 25 gauge let go after only 2 years and the warranty period was supposed to be 15 years. After getting in touch with Digger Pools they were very rude, uncooperative and they told us that we were lucky that we were able to get 2 years out of the liner. This is an outrage that in today's time that a company would stoop this low to not satisfy their customers. We would of been satisfied with a reduction in price on a replacement liner... This pool was professionally installed by an team experts of 20 years. Now we have to endure the cost of not only purchasing a pool liner...

Diggers Pool Services - Illinois, Crestwood / False advertising


I purchased a Liner from this website back in May. When I received the liner I noticed it was a little thinner than the liner that was already in my pool, so I called the manufacturer's name that was on the box. They told me that it is not a 25 gauge virgin vinyl liner (which is what was indicated on the linerworld website)- in fact it was only 20 gauge and it was RECYCLED VINYL- none of the vinyl works above ground liners are virgin vinyl. This is not what was advertised on linerworld's website. LINERWORLD FALSELY ADVERTISES GAUGE AND QUALITY ON THERE WEBSITE. BUYER BEWARE. They also have an ebay store too- they go by "Shop The Great Backyard"