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Cydcor Complaints & Reviews

Cydcor - Connecticut / Cydcor and the I.C.L's arent a scam

Sep 3, 2011

Just to let everyone know, Cydcor itself is not a scam. the I.C.L's people work for arent out there to use you and scam you. I work for a I.C.L in CT and it's been nothing, but the best thing for me. its a management training program and yes they do tell you in about 24 months if you do all the right things, bust your ### and use what they train you to do to your advantage then you will open up your own office. Now this is how i got started: I went in for a 1st round interview. they pretty much put a face to the resume and get to know you a little bit. they are looking for certain...

Cydcor / Stay away

Feb 11, 2011

The Cydcor employee knocked on my door claiming to be an AT&T employee and asked me if I was interested in an AT&T Uverse product. I told her I was not interested in switching and asked her to give me some info regarding the product. She passed her cell phone to me & a man started asking me several questions, when I questioned him as to why he was asking so many questions even though I told the salesperson I was not interested he sounded surprised as the salesperson had obviously led himto believe that I was purchasing the product. He asked to speak to the salesperson. Once she handed the...

Cydcor - Ohio, Columbus / Don't take the interview!!


They call you telling you your selected for an interview. You go in spend about 10 minutes in an interview and they give you a second one on the fly. Feeling like your overqualified and can make management in months. Next thing you know your walking door to door selling in this case, AT&T products and making a commission based salery that you weren't made aware of at ANY of the interviews. And AFTER you sign for the job making it impossible to claim Unemployment. DON"T FALL FOR THE SAME TRAP I DID.