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Credit Notify Complaints & Reviews

Credit Notify / Misinformation-FRAUD


Citi Cards offered me a 30 day FREE trial of Credit Notify after my account number had been stolen and fruadulant charges were made. I accepted, after being informed that my FREE trial would not begin until I received an enrollment package from Credit Notify. Well, after 40 days I have NEVER received an enrollment package, but Credit Notify has begun charging me for their services. A Credit Notify representative informed me that CITI was misinforming their customers, not them. Long story short, CITI doesn't accept responsibility as they claim their contract with Credit Notify states that...

Credit Notify / Unauthorized charges, Insulting Customer Service


Citi Cards offers a free 30 day trial of Credit Notify, who monitor your credit reports etc. I was assured that if I called within the first 30 days that I would not incur any charges. About 3 weeks after signing up, I received my initial report and called immediately to cancel the service to avoid any charges. I spent 40 min with a representative who at first attempted to salvage the account, and then assured me that the account had been closed. Today, May 29, 2009, I was reviewing my credit card statements and noticed 4 months of charges from Credit Notify of $12.95 each. I called...