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care net Complaints & Reviews

care net - New York, New York / Scam

Dec 30, 2013

Well, I was sure stupid tonight! I was called by some man stating he was calling from a collection agency for Care Net. He said I owed $845.00! I was so caught off guard (and in my fibromyalgia fog) which is no excuse that I actually let him talk to me like I had murdered someone. I really panicked thinking this would go against my credit score that when he transferred me to another person, I actually gave them the rest of the information she asked for! They had almost EVERY piece of information on me I thought I must owe this. I even told her I was afraid of it being a scam..."Oh, no...

care net / credit card service fraud

Jun 25, 2013

credit card reduce interest fraud this company called offering reduced credit card rates on all my cards. no fee! i said call me tomorrow morning, i am working with no service on my phone we will discuss it all tomorrow. when they called me the next day, they said my Chase credit card interest weas reduced and i owe them 800 dollars for their services. i said i haven't agreed to all this. at which time the representative gave me to his supervisor, who told me it was too late to reverse the charges even though i haven't agreed to any of this...he also threatened to send my file to...