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Backgammon Live Complaints & Reviews

Backgammon Live / exchange rate for cdn$ to us$

Sep 17, 2017

The exchange rate of $1.60 is too high. This means for every $1.00 US$ you are charging $1.60 Cdn. When the exchange rate is around 1.30, meaning it costs 1, 30 Cdn to buy 1.00us $ The exchange rate has been around 1.35 or so which was acceptable t now I get mt credit card statement You should check the exchange rate and lower it as you are overcharging. I cannot afford to play at these ridiculous rates .

Backgammon Live - Arizona, Sedona / Backgammon site

Apr 21, 2017

The Administrators of this game should be arrested for fraud. Absolutely the worst BG game on the internet. Used to be my favorite, now I will never play again on this site. Total rip off scam. So many people World Wide have hacked into this game and the Admins don't care. Other sites have 'police' that check in and the cheating stops once perpetrators understand they're being watched. These Admins R just raking in the money. I have complained about this site numerous times. I'm ranked in my Country, in the World and have been playing for 60 years. I know cheating when...