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Allen And Associates Complaints & Reviews

Allen And Associates / Lack of Service


This company is a joke. They do nothing for your money. You can do the same research that they do. They have no professional contacts!

Allen And Associates - New York / Crappy Service


They offer services to find 6 figure jobs. They re-write your resume and cover letters, then promise a mail campaign to professionals that are associated with them, that are not available to job seekers. They claim that they perform mailing that pinpoints the industry that you you target. For me they sent out 180 letters in their 1st mailing. The results from the mailing ZERO (0) responses. When I called to complain, they said that it was my responsibility to follow-up with numerous phone calls to the comapanies where the letters were sent. My expectations was that they had contacts within the...

Allen And Associates / Awful experience


As a professional recently without a job, the option of using the main stream job portals was not the right fit for my work experience and education. Allen and Associates was sold to me as a Service that specifically catered to professionals like myself looking for employment. The sales person claimed to have key contacts with Fortune 500 Companies. Allen and Associates claimed direct relationships with these organizations was going to be the key role in getting me in front of decision makers as I looked for a job. This is all a scam to get your money. I paid $1800.00 for a service that was not...